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IFS rejected what do I do?

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Thanks to all the folks who answered my search for Mercury Pharma. My GP was really helpful and wrote me an NHS prescription to cover me over Xmas and whilst we sort out the Exception Individual funding request. We submitted it straight away. However I have just heard back from them and quote...

"Hi Team, we have been advised that this drug is in tariff and not subject to additional funding in primary care . Please could you therefore ask Dr. xxxx to advise why the Endocrinology Cons at Addenbrookes is not prescribing this medication if it is felt to be clinically necessary? Panel will not look at this case as it stands."

I am worried about being bounced between Primary and Secondary care and the advise on who should be paying seems really unclear. Could anyone point me to documentation that clearly states who should be paying this, before I get this letter sent to the Consultant. I want to add some facts to the case before I send it.

The advice in the doc "Case Details with Clear Evidence that NHS England Guidance on Prescription of Liothyronine is not Being Followed by CCGs"


seems unclear espcially in the East of England (I am under Cambridgeshire)

Thanks again for all your help

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There are people on here who know much more about this than me, but my limited understanding is that GPs cannot prescribe T3 any more, but endos still can. (Thought most don’t or won’t!) You need the prescription to come from an endo or be directed by an endo. That’s why they rejected it. I think...

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Presumably you were originally seen at Addenbrooks and diagnosed with clinical need of T3?

The initial 3 month trial is overseen and funded by Addenbrooks (or whatever Hospital you were seen at)

Assuming that trial goes well then care, prescribing and funding is taken over by GP

With referral back to endocrinologist annually

Obviously due to ludicrous cost of NHS T3 most GP surgeries and CCG's want to wriggle out of paying

Write to your CCG, MP, Lord O'Shaughnessy, Lord King, PALs etc

New NHS England Liothyronine guidelines November 2018


Dossier presented to Lord O'Shaughnessy November 26th


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Thyroider in reply to SlowDragon

thank you that is very helpful

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Thyroider

Recent Scottish parliament debate on same scandalous situation in Scotland


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