Cant get job support allowance cant do job seekers what on earth can i do?

Hi everyone iv been posting on here for a while with thyroid. adrenal problems the good news is that the hydroccortsione is helping and have bit more energy the bad news is that even though im poorly they wont give me job support allowance because i did not score high enough im i desbelief how on earth am i able to work with being ill still? and pretty much up up the creek without a paddle with 2 young children to support i am still on my works payroll and not as yet been sacked so i how can i get job seekers and look for ajob whilst im still down as employed on sick, it does not make sense i get my tax credits which just covers my house bills we cant get rent support as the house its a family arrangment and thats it now what a mess and what a let down with the goverment system thats supposed to be their to help im in shock. any suggestions or support im really considering having to go back to work as it is a desk job to get me through the next few months i really dont think i have a choice just a nightmare having to go back being poorly still. i think iv actually hit rock bottom and feel so very low thaks for listening


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  • Sorry sarah I no nothing about the system but I would suggest you get an appointment at Citizens Advice asap.Take all your paperwork regarding tax credits etc and they will be able to tell you if you are entitled to anything.x

  • Poor you, what a mess. I think you ought to be entitled to Employment Support Allowance - is there a right of appeal?

    Take a look here

    And here

    As Pippins says, Citizens Advice might be a good place to get some assistance.

    Big hug

  • Sarar,

    I am sorry you are having even more problems after having such a struggle with your thyroid gland.

    Maybe some member who has knowledge about Work Employment will be able to help you. I hope so. It is a big worry for you with two children to care for whilst you are still very sick.

  • Just checked - there is a right of appeal.

  • I'm right there with you. Lost my job back in March when my hypo got really bad. Have been trying to get ESA since then. And today I find out they've cancelled my claim for no reason whatsoever, so I have to start all over again. It's taken them 4 months to even start processing my claim.

    I wish I had any kind of real advice for you. Apply for ESA, and make it seem much worse than it really is otherwise they will just assume you're able to work. The ATOS people don't actually have any training nor experience with thyroid conditions (1 in 10 people affected!!!!!!) so tell them it's like ME or CFS or fibromyalgia. They get training in those conditions.

    Be aware though, they'll try to catch you out. It's like they're trying to trick you into saying you're "well enough to work". Their aim is to not give you any money, regardless of your situation.

    Good luck. I know it sucks, but we will all pull through eventually!

  • Write to your MP as well. For one thing, these people need to know what they've done! And for another the MP could put something into the appeal. I guess you had to have evidence from your doctor? Was that helpful?

  • Exactly what I'm preparing to do. And yeah, I had a sick note stating that I could not work. And they "lost" it. Conveniently.

  • Hi mslizzieemily I have just received my first Atos appointement for 22 November. I have spondylosis in the neck and just had my second procedure root nerve block yesterday in Hospital day release. I am also awaiting another cortisone injection into my left foot 3rd this year for very painful left foot with osteroarthritis. I have had hypothyroidism for the last 20 years with all the myriad of symptoms that go with it. Taking T4 and T3 now after a year on T3 still problems and recently seen Endo last week and said I was low on Ferritin, juggled medication again, and wants me to have a sleep apnea test done. Also on hrt up and down with hormones and bladder infections. Well after that lorry load of details how would you suggest I present myself, as you say that they try to catch you out. I am not working but on ESA which runs out just before Christmas. Any suggestions please as I have heard some pretty nightmare stories from people.

  • From what I've read just make it seem as bad as possible. One person was caught out when they asked if they could play Solitaire for more than half an hour. They replied yes. It was marked down that they could use a computer and could therefore work. It's ridiculous. Just don't give them an inch. And if they try to say you CAN work, then go straight to the CAB and MP and everyone else and complain.

    My boyfriend's mother is severely epileptic and they actuallu suggested she could work as a lifeguard at a swimming pool. Now she's on "get back to work" courses. She literally cannot work. She has scarring in the brain and they think she can work. It's just insane. Try to get the media involved as well if they try to not give you any support.

    Good luck, I hope you make it through!

  • Hi,

    There's a website called 'benefits and work' which is very good but whatever you do appeal with help from CAB & best wishes x

  • Appeal, my daughter did and won, you can explain your illness in more detail,the doctor she saw was very understanding of her condition. I don't think some of the medicals are fair when they use a point system .

  • Appeal. The Atos assessment is a joke, can you hold a pen, lift your arm up can you pick up an empty box, you can well you're well enough to work!

    I wrote a stinking letter for my son to DWP, he has severe Epilepsy. Atos claimed as he hadn't had a seizure in the week previous to his assessment he didn't qualify, he had one that afternoon. He won the appeal :-)

  • Same thing happened to me but I appealed and eventually got it overturned and all the money repaid. Atos initially awarded me 0 points so don't give up. The benefits and work website is great if you are able to really focus and do your own appeal but if it's a struggle I would suggest contacting the Welfare Rights in your area - sometimes attached to the citizens advice bureau. It's all down to the wording you use when answering the questions - in other words you have to go into great detail as if telling a child something and put things which you would normally think were self explanatory.

    Welfare rights might be able to help regarding housing benefit as well. It say's it doesn't pay if you rent from family etc but when you actually look into it it's a grey area and there are exceptions so it's worth finding out it that applies in your case.

    Good luck, it's bad enough feeling ill without the added stress this causes.

  • thanks for all your replies what a nightmare i can appeal and thats what i will have to do i have been for further testing with blood. worst case i can switch to tax credits only in april as got little ones till i can get sorted thanks so much everyone for your support you all make me feel less alone with this horrid journey i feel very lucky i have a supportive partner since he having to cover rent food ect try so things could ort of be worse thanks again


  • Hi, I'm really sorry for your situation. I was a Welfare Right Officer in most jobs I had in the past, and you are referring to Employment and Support Allowance and from what you are saying it sounds as if you have failed the Work Capability Assessment (the Medical Assessment). From the date you have on your decision letter which shows the scoring, you have 1 month in which to submit a Mandatory Reconsideration. If you don't have much knowledge on the process, contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or another org in your area who have specialist Welfare Benefit Advisers who can help you with this process. The next step then is to appeal. It is really important though, to have a look at the descriptors and see which ones you feel that you meet, which is what a Welfare Rights Officer/Adviser can help with. They can also support you through the appeals process, and some organisations can write to your GP, specialist, ect to ask them for info on this to support your appeal ect. This is what I used to do in work and we had funding to write to GP,s ect, and I also did tribunal representation. When it comes to welfare benefits you need the right people to help you, and with the current govt and economic climate, anyone and everyone is being turned down for ESA, PIP ect. It's all down to the govt welfare to work policies. Really unfair, as anyone who is genuinely ill becomes affected by and caught up in this.

    I really feel for you xx

  • Wonderful advise, you obviously was very conscientious in your work and I am sure that you have seen many people suffer through this.

  • Thanks:-). In work, there were so many people who needed help with this and still do as things with the Welfare State are getting progressively worse. It's one job I loved doing. I always liked being in roles where I could help others. It's one of the downsides of Welfare Reform and it's the genuine cases that suffer and have to go to great lengths to fight their corner and be heard and state their case to the gruelling ATOS process.

  • sorry for delay thanks so much for your reply it makes me feel that im not on my own with this situation its great to see thier is people genuinley wanting to help others i never thought in amillion years i would be in this situation and always been a strong hard working women and never had to claim fr anything in my life so its difficult postion to be in as it does make you feel awful i will take on what you have said just need to try get my hea into gear next few days thaks very much


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