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Yet another increase?


So winter is looming and I feel like I may need another increase. Been on ndt for a few years now (4) started on 2 grains. Self medicating as endo’s are rubbish as we all know and I really don’t have the time or energy to negotiate every increase. Been on 3 grains over spring summer on NP thyroid as WP wasn’t available felt shocking. Finally got Naturethroid and have felt better again 3 grains. Last couple of weeks cue weight gain, tired all the time and constipated temperature 36.4 this afternoon. Increase maybe? Is it normal to go up year on year?

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You sound as if you need a dose increase and many dose just on symptoms alone.

I need an increase during the winter months and put it down to the lack of sunlight and the increase in metabolism required to keep warm.

However, if this were me I would test TSH, FT4 & particularly FT3 just to check it is a deficiency and not meds that have just stopped working as this would indicate other issues that may need addressing.

Jodypody in reply to radd

I have a medichecks kit I haven’t used so I may well do that. In the meantime I’ll take a 1/4 extra tomorrow and see how I feel

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Jodypody

Only do the Medichecks test after 6-8 weeks on an absolutely constant dose

Vitamin levels important to test too

Maybe an antibody check is in order then? Not been tested for a couple of years now

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