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Manic or thryroid??


I visited my Dr yesterday. Saying I can't sleep and feel hyper. I was ill all last week in bed which I thought was with a head cold and flu. I have dropped my medication in half in the hope that is why I can't sleep and maybe I was on too much liothyronine 40mgc. I have been taking sleeping pills to try and help with the situation. My Dr insists it's depression and I think thinks I am going through a manic episode. He gave me a prescription for Quetiapine and made an appointment for me to go back in 2 weeks. I will admit I have suffered with depression most of my life due to a bad upbringing and maybe thyroid. However I was on antidepressants for 26 years that didn't really help me. I don't know what to do. Is it thyroid or am I bi polar? It's driving me crazy trying to understand. I haven't started taking them yet as I had a blood test yesterday and want to wait to see what us going on with my thyroid. He said "You only have an under active thyroid' like it was nothing. I also have hashimotos. I'm so angry on one hand and wondering on the other.

Has anyone else been in this situation?

What did you do?

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25 days ago you had some helpful Replies for a similar topic you posted. Perhaps re-read and see if there is something there that you have found useful. I often find we forget things and need a gentle reminder :-)


The doctor's statement to you, i.e. "You only have an under active thyroid' is quite typical of the majority of doctors and endocrinologists, I believe.

The fact that they have absolutely no idea of clinical symptoms and that we should be given sufficient thyroid hormones to relieve ALL of them that is why there's so many on this forum.

You need a new blood test and I don't think you'll GP will do them so members have had to resort to private testing. (We have several private labs and I'll give a link - just in case you may want to use them).

When you have a blood test to check thyroid hormones, is it at the earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards? This allows us to get the best result possible.

Try not to worry too much at present as you may find you can tick off more than one symptom on this list.

t3tracy in reply to shaws

Thank you Shaws 😇

Bi-polar can be a symptom of un/under-treated hypothyroidism. Doctors get funding points - or whatever they call the incentives - for prescribing antidepressants. They get nothing for levo. Add to that the fact that they know nothing about dosing or symptoms, and I leave you to draw your own conclusions. :)

t3tracy in reply to greygoose

Yes you are so right. When will they realise and do some research for themselves. It's discusting they are keeping us all Ill. When all they need to do is research. And treat us accordingly.


Thanks for the reply. Think I will up my dose again.

greygoose in reply to t3tracy

They don't do any research because most of them think they already know all there is to know - and what would we know, anyway? We're just stupid patients - all patients are stupid, every doctor knows that.

There are exceptions, of course, but they claim they don't have the time... Don't have the interest, more like it!

t3tracy in reply to greygoose

Yeah you are right. God like superiority.

If only one dr done some reserch and said 'hey wait a minute there might be something to this' maybe others would follow.

Not in my lifetime though I bet.


greygoose in reply to t3tracy

Not a hope! Plenty of doctor have done research: Dr Skinner, Dr Peatfield in the UK; Dr Lowe and others too numorous to mention in the US: Dr Hertoghe and associates in Belgium; Dr Dalle in France. Other doctors don't listen to them, ridiculise them - even take them to court! But they refuse to believe in anything other than the little they 'learnt' in med school. They just aren't interested, don't think thyroid is important, and would never admit they'd been wrong, anyway.

t3tracy in reply to greygoose

Greygoose you are right.

Thank you for your helpful advice and answers.


greygoose in reply to t3tracy

You're welcome. :)

Try and get someone to keep an eye on you, when I am under or over medicated with thyroxine I find it very hard to make judgements on how I am doing and if I actually remembered to take thyroxine. Good wishes to you.

t3tracy in reply to Mary76mary76

❤ Thank you x

I have a history of being bi-polar, took lots of medication and only years later was discovered to have Lyme disease and low thyroid with very low FT3 - both can imitate psychiatric problems. Best option is always to be treated holistically including psychotherapy. My lyme is gone, thyroid corrected and I am off psychiatric meds since 7 years with no sign of any mental issues now. BUT when I had my episodes psychiatric meds saved my life, they just put me in one peace again. And I was always told that they must help if that really is mental problem. So in my case first psychiatric care then all the rest and step by step I got myself good and happy :) Good luck!!!!

t3tracy in reply to Sabine_es

Thank you. I was wondering if they would work if it is my thyroid only. I have increased my dose of t3. I will see how that goes and wait for the blood results to see what they show.

I had therapy for years on and off.

Maybe I ought to go down that route.

Thank you for your help. 🙂

You welcome! I am a big believer of therapy but of course it will not fix biological imbalances so all must be taken care of. Hope you get you balance back very soon in every way! :)

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