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GP's first response to medichecks blood and cortisol results


OMG...this is my GP's 1st response to the private medichecks blood tests. He didn't even look properly at the results:

'Hi Yvonne, I am sorry that you feel we cannot help you. Can I try?

The key result here is that you are clearly very underreplaced with respect to the thyroid hormone. The cortisol anomolies are likely to be a consequence rather than a cause. I presume that you have been taking your 200mcg/day routinely. You don't take anything else with it? Iron is the most common confounder, but other supplements can change the absorption. The last TSH you had was in the normal range (April) so something has changed since then'

He has not even mentioned the Hashimotos potential etc. Spitting acid at the moment!!!

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Oh dear. The fact is that they do not like getting the results of private tests.

There is some severe implication in their training (what training?) in that they don't even know the very basics.

They don't understand that if a patient isn't improving they are going to look elsewhere.

We do not want TSH within the 'normal range' we need it to be 1 or lower.

No wonder you are angry. I doubt many doctors will pay any attention to private tests as they seem to follow the same rules. i.e. check TSH - wait until it reaches 10 before diagnosing.

Get all results within the range and patient must be fine and everything else they complain of, give them a separate prescription for the pain, depression, anxiety etc etc.

Yammie1973 in reply to shaws

Thank you Shaws

I don't know what I was expecting really. Looks like I am going to have to look at sorting out the vitamins D, B and iron, test again and then find a private Endo to discuss and treat the thyroid properly.

I don't understand this Yammie

His opening sentence ???

I understood that you were going to send him all results (the urgent ones being the Iron Panel).

I thought you were going to ask for

1) An Emergency referal to Haematology for Iron treatment.

2)An urgent referal to Endocrinologist for monitoring Thyroid.

And that you were going to send a list of symptoms - no comment on extreme exhaustion; eating ice etc ??

But have you made some sort of complaint ?

Get treated first - complain later (if desired) that's what I'd recommend.

Have you asked about High T.I.B.C. and superlow Transferrin Saturation?


I didn't complain. My husband hand delivered the results only, with a hand written list of symptoms. He must have assumed/thought that I was complaining. I asked him to refer me to an Endocrinologist and/or haemotologist. He has made it very clear in his initial comments that he is going go follow his rule book to the letter referring to TSH at normal level. I gave him ALL the results but he is studiously avoiding the obvious. I just can't win!

Did you go to see him.

I would post results to Consultant Haematologist at the hospital with a brief letter (add symptoms list) and ask for his help/ guidance.

Definitely need new GP. Quiicker if you can see a different GP at the practice?

You could also phone MP 's office.

But as I said earlier - I would have attended the hospital and asked Receptionist at Haematology if I could have a word with the Nurse in Charge or pass in results asking them to show to a doctor.

No chance of seeing another GP at the same practice...they have meetings discussing difficult patients and usually close ranks to defend the practice's reputation. Will send the results to Haematology and Endocrinology at the hospital to see what they have to doubt refer me back to my local GP practice!!!

I'm guessing he didn't agree to do the blood tests either - FBC, kidney, liver & bone ?

Correct, no didn't get in to see the GP either. I gave up in the end after an hour on the phone with him trying to convince me he knew better!!!

Nothing at all...kept going on and on about how TSH was the only factor that matters in testing the thyroid, no mention of the antibodies test or ferritin levels, that I should consider losing 3-5 stone if I want my thyroid to start functioning correctly and suggested that I start back on the anti-depressants he prescribed years ago.....


Is he a 'pretend' doctor? Like on Holby?

Yammie1973 in reply to Hidden

That was my initial reaction too but apparently they don't like informed and educated patients especially if they haven't specialised in thyroid conditions!!! Will be going to a private GP service and demanding to see Endocrinologist.

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