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Medichecks results


Hi all

Just received results back from medichecks. Have been on 100mcg of levothyroxine since diagnosis. Gp did a blood test 19/10/18 but only per !! Hence why I did the private test. Result from gp was TSH 1.1(0.10-4.00) feeling great hair has stopped falling out like it has previously. Feeling near normal again. Just wanted to know if it looks like my dose is correct and just carry on doing what I'm doing ? Yes I know I have hasimotos and I've just found a go at my practice who has it aswell so I will be dealing with her from now on !! Such a relief!! Thanks in advance for any comments

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If those were my results and I was feeling better I’d be happy. Free t3 near top of range fT4 at top. TSH not too high. Keep doing what you’re doing. Only other comment would be have you tried going gluten free to try reduce autoimmune flair- high antibodies? Good to hear you’re feeling better.

Jonpaul0_1 in reply to Hoxo

Hi yes I started an elimination diet a week ago that removes gluten dairy soy etc so early days although since diagnosis I've been cutting down on gluten bit by bit. My Gp recommended the AIP diet going forward. I'm not fanatic about my anti body level as I know they can fluctuate. My hormone levels are the ones to concentrate on I think. Hope some good results will show people it's possible to feel well again 😁

Refreshing to here that someones feeling well, good results.

Jonpaul0_1 in reply to Bunnyjean

Phew !! Thank you. My previous results from medichecks a month ago had my TSH at 1.93 and my Ft4 at 19.3 and Ft3 at 5.86. Do you think I should be concerned my Ft4 is higher and my Ft3 is slightly lower ? Albeit a minute decrease ? My conversion ratio was 3.3 now 4.1

Bunnyjean in reply to Jonpaul0_1

Hi I don't know much about ratios I have tried to work to these being a math freak but there are so many variables. It's very important that you feel well.

Jonpaul0_1 in reply to Bunnyjean

Yes am having a more positive attitude than I was !! It really does make a difference 😀


Ask GP to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Yes had them all checked mostly with medichecks last month.

Vit d - 48.1 (50-200)

Folate- 8.1 (3.89-26.80)

Ferritin- 50.6 (13-150)

B12- 114 (37.50-188)

Am taking vitamin d3 spray and tablets 5000iu a day. Super b vitamin complex 2 a day. B12 I will be having daily injections from next week to get my levels up. And waiting for my iron tablets to come slow delivery!! But using better you spray in the meantime. Also trying to get vitamins through diet. As we all know things take time to kick in 🤔

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Jonpaul0_1

Vitamin D is obviously too low

Are you supplementing magnesium?

Do NOT supplement any vitamin K if you take any blood thinning medication Including aspirin

Folate could be better. A daily good quality vitamin B complex will be improving this

B12 looks very good. This is active B12 test. Anything over 70 is likely fine

Not sure you need any more B12. You will be getting a lot in B complex already

Ferritin could do with increasing a bit, eating slightly more iron rich foods plus orange juice alongside to aid absorption.

Will check with my GP on mon. They are a functional doctor with hasimotos too and said I may need a small top up of b12. I think I'd just had my 3 monthly injection of b12 about a week before the medichecks test so potentially give a higher result than normal?? Been ordering doctors best iron tablets for the past week or so but due to delivery issues still not come. Am having to wait another week till they come !! I'm taking igennus super b complex for about 2 weeks now. Not taking magnesium but will order some. Am currently on an elimination diet so can't drink orange juice unless I press it myself- no time or juicer !! So am taking vit c and eating lots of fruit.

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