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Meds stopped - about to restart


I started feeling so jittery with palpitations and feeling really unwell that I stopped taking everything about 5 weeks ago. No T3 - was taking 20ug no levo - was taking 75 ug and no HRT 1.5 mg Sandrina estradiol. I can’t in all honesty say I have felt very different from how I mostly normally feel, possibly a bit better, apart from after swimming when I feel terrible a few hours later which lasts for the rest of the day. Which is where I am right now !

I want to do a blood test to get a new baseline and have ordered a Blue Horizon kit. Hopefully I can last another couple of days before I re-start my tablets. I was going to begin again with 50ug Levo and add in another 25 after 2 weeks and see how I feel and possibly do another blood test. T3 hasn’t made a dramatic difference so I am not rushing to re introduce it. I also have the HRT to consider. Maybe I should add that back in first ? Still trying to get my iron up too. Not easy for a ( mostly) veggie.

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This post has not received any replies on the forum in over six months. If you still need help, please do post again.

Adding a reply so that this post no longer shows as having no replies.

AliF in reply to helvella

Hi Helvella That is odd. I received a number of replies. Back on the meds - still feeling pretty rubbish. I remain a medical mystery. Thanks though for the message.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to AliF

There are several possibilities including members who replied having left the forum. And technical problems!

Glad you got some replies though - and sorry you are not feeling better.

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