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I need a new gp?


I have had constipation for over 10 years and have been put on several laxatives. However I experience hair loss, weight gain, low ferritin, multiple food intolerances and fatigue. I moved GPs to get a concrete diagnosis but disregard everything and claim I have IBS. I believe I have hashimoto’s or at least would like to find out. I cannot afford private healthcare. Please suggest any reputable GPs or clinics in London.

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Before you do anything about seeing any other doctors, if you post what results you have - with their refrence ranges - it may give us some clues and we may be able to point you in the right direction.

To get a full picture, we need to see results for the following (don't forget the ranges as they vary from lab to lab):




Thyroid antibodies

Vit D




As you mention low ferritin - have you had an iron panel and full blood count?

Do you know how much private healthcare costs?

You can get finger-prick blood tests done to test all the things that SeasideSusie has listed for about £100, and you don't have to pay to see a doctor. If you wait until there are special offers on then the price could go down substantially.

If you are interested in whether you are anaemic or not then that can be tested for £39.

I have just paid £79 for a full thyroid, vitamin and antibody test. It's well worth the money if you can just go without something to pay for this, it's so very important. If you do take the test it should be fasting first thing. If you take Levo leave off 24 hours before the test. Then post the results with the ranges on here.

Thanks for your comments. My ferritin is 11 and I have been prescribed vitamin D and B12 supplements due to low levels. My TSHs were normal as of last year and I take liquid iron. Where can I a blood/thyroid test done?

Lab results WITH lab reference ranges. You'll find the reference range alongside each test on your lab printout.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the lab print Feb 2017. I would like to take another test and I have seen some online blood test where a sample is sent but I am not sure how reliable the processs is.

Londinium in reply to Shayshane

You can get the lab printout from whoever carried out the tests i.e. GP practice if they carried out the tests... or hospital clinician's secretary/dept/clinic if they carried out the tests. It's your data and you're entitled to it.

Shayshane in reply to Londinium

Oh brilliant. I will do that asap. Thanks

Please assist:

Aug 2018 results

TSH 0.56 mIU/L (0.3 - 5.5)

T4 10.3 pmo1/L (9 - 25)

Ferritin 11 ug/L

No other tests were carried out in 2018.

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