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Have I got a thyroid prob


I am freezing all the time, I cant run a bath for my children because what is okay for me is scalding for them, even with the elbow test. Ive had no appetite for ages, probably due to my depression,so im not overweight. I have got really dry hair that never seems to grow, balding patches in my hair, baldness in my eyebrows, brittle nails and really dry skin. I have also been diagnosed with fybromyligia, so I suffer from fatigue and pain however I also have insomnia, I have a sleep ratio that is usually one in four days. My eyes itch and stream constantly. I cannot tolerate bright light. I have also got either a vitamin b or d deficiency, always get they two mixed, but its one of them. I had all of these symptoms long before I lost my appetite. Help Please

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Quite possibly. But the only way to know is to ask your doctor for thyroid blood tests to be done - and make sure you get the results and laboratory ranges so you can post them here for comment.


As Jazzw has suggested ask your GP for thyroid blood test, TSH, T4 & T3. Book this as early as possible in the morning before 9am.

Your TSH is always higher in the morning and if you have a thyroid issue this may help get diagnosed on the NHS.

NOTE: This is a tip we pass onto people here, please don’t mention this to the GP/nurse or Endocrinologist.

I will warn you that unless your TSH is 10 or over you may struggle for treatment with the NHS.

Don’t accept your results are normal, what they mean is they are in range, this doesn’t mean we feel well, insist you get an official lab print out.

If your GP will not agree to do thyroid testing, medi checks and blue horizons offer private bloods and the results are sent straight to you via email.


Type in MED 99 for further discount.

if you post the results on here the experienced members will be able to advise.

Best wishes


For a practical bit of advice, you can buy floating bath thermometers for getting bath water right for children :


There are loads to choose from with lots of different designs. The one I linked costs £4.99 with free delivery.

mariawolf in reply to humanbean

Thanking you, one less thing to worry about!


Hi Maria

Your symptoms certainly seem typical of hypothyroidism. But, as said, you need vitamin and mineral levels checked, and probably other tests as well. Have you had any blood tests fairly recently? Even if there are no thyroid results it may help indicate something.

You can get printouts of blood results, or maybe your surgery has an email link for this. They have no right to refuse or to charge you (unless a small amount for the paper and ink - though they have never asked me for payment). If you post the results on here we can comment (I've only learned how to interpret blood tests since joining this forum!)

Include the reference ranges (usually in brackets after the result). Often if something is too low or too high they will indicate it on the test.

By the way, when you have a test, don't eat or drink anything beforehand except water as that apparently affects TSH levels too

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