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Is there a chance I have under active thyroid?

Hey guys,

So i went to the docs a few months back as I had nodule on my thyroid. My thyroid levels came back normal so I was sent for a ultra sound and biopsy. By the time the scan came around the lump was almost gone. The doctor said it was fluid and drained it. I have to go back for a second scan. My problem is i have so many under active symptoms:-

Tired, extremely itchy skin, depression, constipation, change in period, dry hair.

Could the test be wrong?

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If you post your thyroid results on here someone will be able to help you. Normal is often wrong from doctors. :-)


"normal" is a highly overused and useless word

Its utterly vital to get the actual results and ref ranges

only with those can we assess whats going on

The ranges are too wide and their interpretation far too sloppy in nthe hands of most medics

This is especially so in case of Central Hypothyroid because often only TSH is tested and that alone will never never show Central hypothyroid only primary hypothyroid


Hi reallyfedup123, how do you find out about central hypothyroidism?


you need results for


Free T4

Free T3

these 3 are utterly vital because in central hypothyroid TSH will always be low but so will t4 and t3 and if only TSH is done the medics forget about the possibility of Central Hypothyroid


Thyroid Antibodies




Vit D3

are also needed to complete the picture

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Oh brilliant, thank you.


at this minute your results do not prove hypothyroid although your symptoms sound typical

I can but guess that the nodules are competing with both hyper and hypo thyroid


If doctor will not do the above tests the Thyroid Check plus 10 is a good test from blue horizon medicals £79. All of the above except Vit D and cholesterol. I live in Coventry and the labs refuse to test FT4 & FT3 even if doctor requests it.


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