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Finally diagnosed Hashis but Endo stopped any meds?

My story is a long and frustrating one but the latest developments have left me feeling a bit confused and frustrated. 2015 was the worst year of my life after switching back to Levo from NDT ( advice from 2nd endo) despite trying various doses Levo made me very very unwell. In January I saw Dr P and he diagnosed adrenal issues and started me on his usual protocol of stopping Levo starting nutri adrenal and restarting armour at 1grain. I decided to see how long I could go without Levo, really to see what my body did as I had only ever been diagnosed with sub clinical hypothyroid. It was a bumpy ride, good days and bad but after 5 weeks decided to start 1/2 grain of armour along side 3 nutri adrenal By day 9 I started to feel much better and by 14 days the best I had in almost a year. Then last week I finally had my appointment with an amazing endo who I waited 7 months to see. After taking a careful history he diagnosed me hashi's and told me stop armour(he does prescribe it) he believes my body will heal. Problem is a week after stopping armour I feel really hypo AGAIN. It's just so frustrating and I don't know what to do. Should I stick it out for the 3 months he suggested or restart armour? I just can't face losing another 3 months of my life to restart tablets again. It's worth noting I failed on armour before at various doses. I am On a very comprehensive supplement regime too. I wonder if anyone on here has managed ok off meds even with hashi's. Words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

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No. Just no! You feel good? I wouldn't do anything to upset that apple cart, and honestly, I would love to know how how many people's bodies recover from Hashi's. Ask him to show you the research backing his "belief".


I don't understand this habit that endos have of telling hypothyroid patients to stop their thyroid meds altogether for long periods of time. It seems to be a common demand which, to me, shows they simply have no idea how painful and miserable it is to be hypothyroid.

I wonder if they ever have patients who tell them anything like this? "Oh, thank you doctor! Your advice was exactly what I needed. Now I'm a new woman and I can go dancing through the mountains singing my little heart out all for the joy of living because I no longer take that naughty Armour (or levothyroxine or...)" Cue stirring music and vomit sounds.


I would want to know where he got his information from and exactly how he believes the thyroid will heal when it is being atracked.... Has he got some way of damping down the immune system? Or is he trusting to luck rather than clinical expertise?

Before stopping meds i would want to see evidence that this has been sucessful with other patients... What he is suggesting makes no sense at all. If he sure his protocol is correct he should be willing to back up his methods with some facts....

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Hold a moment while I go off & bang my head against the wall..... :(

If you are feeling good on the meds then why on earth tell you to stop them - I cannot understand when they suggest this. Definately ask him for research / evidence to back up his protocol & if definitive information is not forthcoming personally I would go back to the protocol that was working for me.


I'm guessing that Frazzie's TSH was low in range or under the range. The instinctive endo reaction to that varies, but some of the endo comments I've read from others about low TSH are :

1) It will cause your bones to crumble.

2) You will get atrial fibrillation and have a stroke.

3) NDT is unstable and unreliable.

For the history of why that idea arose, try this link :

and read the section entitled "Rise and Fall of Natural Thyroid Products". It would appear that once endos get an idea in their heads it doesn't shift for decades.

4) Endos think T3 and products containing T3 are addictive and that we get high from it.

5) Most thyroid patients who don't get well on standard treatment are stupid, shrill, lazy, attention-seeking hypochondriacs.

6) People who insist they are hypothyroid but have a TSH below 10 are also stupid, shrill, lazy, attention-seeking hypochondriacs.

So under those circumstances it isn't surprising that endos think they are perfectly justified in taking patients off thyroid meds. It's only a trivial condition after all - you only need to know the TSH, give them a pill, and they're fine, so it can't be that serious!


Hi, I agree with other replies - if you feel well carry on with what you're taking. My endo says that they are guided by how the patient feels and not necessarily by lab results. Hope that helps :-)

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Has the world GONE MAD?????? No, no and thrice no. The danger that you face if you come off your armour is that you will put on a great deal of weight, lose all your energy and end up killing of your adrenal function. Please please please do not listen to this mad crazy man! Switch to one who knows his or her stuff. I can recommend an Armour advocate on the Thyroid Uk list if you PM me. He told me " keep upping it by half a grain until you feel better" which I have done and I've never felt better !


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