Candida & Thyroiditis?

Has anyone with Thyroid issues tested positive for candida? I've recently found there is a connection and wondered if treating candida if you are tested positive has helped their hashimotos / hypothyroidism? Has anyone had any issues getting tested for candida with their GP or consultant? Which should I ask as I don't want to just be dismissed? Thanks

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  • MissFG As I tested negative for candida, I can't answer your question about whether treating it can help Hashi's/Hypo I'm afraid. However, as my surgery is about as unhelpful as can be, I never bothered asking if they would test, I went ahead and did a candida test privately with Genova.

  • It depends on how they test you. Blood tests can be negative. You need comprehensive urine and stool tests for a conclusive answer.

  • I did a urine test.

  • Has finding out helped? Have you had any support/treatment from you doctor from your private test results?

  • I was eliminating things, candida was one of a number of tests I did. I don't bother with my GP other than to get my Levo prescription, they don't want to know. If you have a suppressed TSH then you're over medicated, end of, symptoms don't matter, it's been that way for years so I don't ask anything of them as I know they won't help.

  • Fortunately I have a really supportive GP and forward thinking Endo. Yes it's taking time but they are trying to help me luckily

  • I suffered constant thrush before hypo was diagnosed and when my friend said she was suffering the same symptoms I nagged her to get her thyroid tested. She was hypo too and her doc was extremely surprised at the connection.

  • I keep getting thrush every week but when I went to GU they said there was no connection. He said he could give me tablets to control it but they didn't like to and to try all other preventative measures but I have and still keep getting it so at a loss

  • My female GP said to me many years ago that, unfortunately, female hormones are thrown into chaos with hypothyroidism so it is no wonder that thrush can be a symptom, albeit not a commonly known one. My husband was checked out too in case it was bouncing back and forth between us but he was clear. To help prevent irritating already sensitive skin avoid bubble soaps, strong shampoos unless washing hair over the sink and perfumed soaps. Makes for a bland bath/shower but worth it. My best wishes to you.

  • Thanks x

  • When I was diagnosed hypo by a consultant ENT in US, he also prescribed Nystatin without even asking if I had Candida symptoms - could see it in my ears, I assume. After a bout of antibiotics I'm now plagued with it and even after many weeks of Nystatin (had to find a private doctor to prescribe it) at high doses still can't rid myself of it, it's an absolute curse, affecting digestion and energy levels hugely.

  • I have had similar problems with antibiotics for a chest infection and ended up with blisters on my tongue afterwards. I have tried for over a year with Nystatin and still no joy. It calms down for few weeks and then flares up again on a regular basis. I have done a lot of research on this this and have decided the only way to finally rid myself of this is to try fermented vegetables (sourkraut) and Kefir to replace the good microbes & bacteria in the digestive system. All these have to be home made to get all the really good bacteria working in the gut. Of course sugar needs to cut out completely for all this to work. The great thing is it does not cost loads of money to get started and within a few days you can be producing small quantities to hopefully get back to a healthier state.

    I found this website about a month ago to get all the info and now ready to have a go myself at making these

    Lots of great free information just pick and work with what hopefully will be your key to better health. I have a friend who gave me some jars with all the pressure valves etc. so if you private message me I can find out more information on these if anybody needs

    Good luck

  • Candida is very persistent. I got rid of it with an anti-candida diet, alternating course of Nystatin and Diflucan and a biofilm buster, Boluoke, also known as lumbrokinase.

    No alcohol, no sugar, no grains or starchy vegetables. No vinegar. No cheating, or it'll come right back.

    The good news was was I lost 18 lbs I'd been wanting to lose on that diet, eating constantly, over 4 months.

  • I'm already very careful with my diet and only 60kg think when I go on T3 I will get my appetite back and be able to eat more. Luckily I think I'm one of only a few that doesn't have weight issues being hypo but we're all very different

  • I had no appetite on T4 only and kept getting told I was very thin by my daughter, GP and endos. When I was put on T3 combo I got my appetite back and look a lot better. Hope it works for you.

  • Oh really think your the first person I've found hypo and not overweight. I think everyone thinks we should be obese! I've heard ppl take T3 to lose weight so not sure how it'll affect me? How has going on T3 & T4 affected you incl weight and do you feel better?

  • I was chronically constipated on T4 only which was my main concern at the time which T3 has solved, yay! I don't have to limit my intake of bread/rice now (I don't eat pasta). Looking back I realise I was "down in the dumps" but not depressed but this was all to do with food restrictions/allergies. I still have these issues but cope better with them and I enjoy food now. My tiredness levels improved although I feel I need an increase now in meds after endo "tinkering." I was overweight before diagnosis, 3 stone at my worst. I don't eat sweets/biscuits/cakes or have sugary drinks, this is down to major allergies but also to weight watch.

  • Yes, we are!

    If a strict diet and Nystatin aren't doing it, then look into biofilms.

  • My GP was totally disinterested in my terrible nausea and gut issues, which I'd had for ages and which were getting worse, but private blood/stool testing via a nutritionist showed I had candida, SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), multiple nutrient deficiencies and goodness knows what else.

    I made very strict diet and lifestyle changes, took a lot of different supplements (as advised by my private nutritionist), and finally added self-sourced T3 to my prescribed levothyroxine. The overall effect of all of this has totally turned my life around very positively.

    I have told my GP and endo about the candida (and other gut diagnoses), and given them copies of my test results to prove that I wasn't just being dramatic and making it up. There has been zero interest. I still despair that someone can be so ill and doctors can just ignore it all.

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