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T3 out of stock uk

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Hi I’ve been having a few issues picking my T3 up at the pharmacy as they have changed the brand to Teva I can’t take this as I had a really nasty reaction so had to come off it & have been on morning side for the last few months now the pharmacy are saying I’m going to have to go back to my doctor & get a new prescription & source this T3 myself any help with what to do next please ...... otherwise I have been extremely happy on T3 for the last 6 years thanks in advance location Portsmouth uk

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Try all the small local independent pharmacies, they are far more helpful and have wider supply options

The large chains just want to supply what they have on their shelves

Do you take Mercury Pharma or Morningside Healthcare?

Possibly try the online pharmacies too, but not sure if they will guarantee brand


Thank u so much I do have another 3 pharmacy’s to try in our area & of course don’t mind travelling abit to get T3 before I really start to panic as I can’t take T4 as it stored itself In my body for 18 years & I promised myself I would never feel that ill again x

Could I just ask what reaction you had to TEVA ? I have been very unwell since I was given them, and did my own research which brought up a lot of info on the Merck case in France. Both Merck and TEVA have substituted mannitol for lactose in their formulations. Thanks in advance.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to jgv2018

We need clarity. This thread was about liothyronine whereas the French issue was levothyroxine.

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Cezza in reply to jgv2018

It turned my whole body upside down & inside out I had so many symptoms I couldn’t function properly mainly in my stomach which left me in a lot of pain x

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jgv2018 in reply to Cezza

Thanks so much. Do hope you get a T3 supply sorted out. x


I had the same problem last Autumn. I'm on Mercury Pharma T3 and was told by my pharmacist that there was a problem with supply from the manufacturer. They tried to fob me off with excuses so I rang Concordia that make Mercury Pharma T3. I was told that there wasn't a problem with the manufacture or supply of the T3. My pharmacist tried to give me TEVA and I refused because I've had allergic reactions to it, and they tried Morningside. I refused because of my allergies and my specialist had specified Mercury Pharma T3 to my GP. The way I got round it was to go back to my GP and get him to write the brand name on my prescription. I haven't had a problem getting it from my pharmacist now but my specialist is trying to get it removed from my prescription because of cost and something to do with CCG's banning him for prescribing it because of cost. Just be warned that they might try to get you back on Levothyroxine. If you still have a problem getting your T3 then please PM me and I'll try to help further.

Good luck.

TT x

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ys52 in reply to ThyroidThora

Please can I PM you too?

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ThyroidThora in reply to ys52


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Cezza in reply to ThyroidThora

Yes I thought this supposed shortage of T3 comes exactly after the government trying to ban T3 on the nhs & them deciding in fact we can stay on it but the danger is they are willing people to be dangerously ill rather than helping people live as normal life as we can while living with this awful condition x

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ThyroidThora in reply to Cezza


How are you doing?

TT x.

Although not related to T3, I had a similar problem with a medication for a different health condition just recently. Boots swore to me that they couldn't get it, it hadn't been available for months, patients had been telling them that they couldn't get it anywhere, yada, yada, yada.

I went back to my surgery and asked what I could do, and a receptionist told me of another pharmacy in the middle of a housing estate that could often get things that Boots said was unavailable. Sure enough, I phoned them up, they said they could order it and I picked it up the next day.

So ask your surgery - they may know of independent pharmacies that are more helpful than the big chains.

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Cezza in reply to humanbean

Thank u I am going to pop in sometime over the weekend to a very small chemist we have locally & ask them if they can help me x

Thank u all for taking the time to answer my questions & concerns I really do appreciate it 😊 x

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