T3 out of stock!

Hi lovely people, I'm down to my last box of T3 and the website I usually buy from (a proper pharmacy website) says they are out of stock - the only other links I see are for dodgy steroid websites charging hugely inflated prices, if anyone could kindly private message me where they get theirs from I'd be very grateful :-) (I'm sat here hugely annoyed at the moment that such an important and life changing tablet to me can be so controlled and dismissed by our government and the NHS - and it seems they'd rather keep us very ill, if not dead, to what end I don't know) Rant over... thanks again X

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  • They are in China. I bought Tiromel from then and it was terrible, I don't even know was it real. And I pressed report because you are not supposed to mention their name here.

  • OK, I wasn't aware of this rule. I deleted my post.

  • I didn't see your original post but thank you for trying Nathalie70 x 

  • I am ordering T3 from the same online pharmacy for a year and they are never out of stock. Will send you PM. And Nathalie70 you are not supposed to place commercials for anyone here.

  • thanks rowan-1 :-) x

  • Hello Rovan! Can you send me the online pharmacy web also. Please by PM also.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Esther. Sent you PM.

  • Thank you!!!! Be well!

  • PM'd you.

  • Thank you 123_go ;-) x

  • I just received my first T3 order, it arrived in just 4 days (thank you Trixie64 for recommending me this supplier). Will send you link on PM.

  • Could you please send me a link via PM. Thank you

  • Could you send me the name as well.  Thank you.  

  • I sent PM to both.

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