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Sourcing T3

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Im looking to buy some T3 without a prescription for my Mother who lives in the UK and is suffering from terrible fatigue, eye problems and GERD. She takes Levo but same old story.... the GP won't prescribe nor refer her to an endo.

I am posting to ask if people with an affordable source of T3 will PM me contact info so that I can buy privately for her and get her feeling more like her old self.

I'm a Hashi sufferer so I am familiar with the advise on here. I just dont know where to start to find a reliable source of T3. All help would be most gratefully received.


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You need to get her thyroid including FT3 and vitamin levels tested first to see exactly what the issue is

Low vitamins need sorting first

Presumably she also has Hashimoto's

Hopefully not taking PPI like omeprazole for GERD

Has she tried, or is she on strictly gluten free diet?

Have replied via pm 😁

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