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Struggling wife if Graves’ disease patient

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Hello concerned wife of a Graves’ disease patient who just has total thyroidectomy 7 weeks ago tomorrow ! He is zero hormone still and very all over the place we have had a rocky two year one with death of his sister which I believe was a trigger of his Graves’ disease and then marital issues because during his crazy phase with this disease his behavior has been erratic from his drinking and new friends who he would never have been around ! And 25 years of marriage I never accused him of infidelity and I did during this phase of Graves . He is now still super high with Graves’ disease and he is ready to end marriage cause he is so irritable and irrational with zero hormone and calcium low due to parathyroid being removed . His brain and thinking is severely effected by this and I have no clue what to do to make him see this effects how he sees things And I will not give up on him

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You need to ask urgently for a new full thyroid blood test to see what your husband’s levels are but I would guess that he desperately needs Levothyroxine by now. He must be feeling very unwell. Start a new post when you have the results and post these with the reference ranges to get advice.

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0,275 tsh he is on 325mcg calcium citircel tablets for the low calcium and being tapered back on that he has been on synthroid since surgery and just this last blood test was not at zero a week ago cause the calcium was absorbing the synthroid

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Hennerton in reply to Tru4hockey

I think your problem is very complicated and definitely beyond my knowledge, even though I had Graves too and a thyroidectomy.

I wish you both lots of help and good doctors to sort out what is wrong.

I too and post thyroidectomy and my adult daughter tries to understand but she's getting worn out with the mood changes. I think it's very hard for another person to understand what a thyroid problem person goes through in their head. The brain chemicals are screwed up. I have not found a doctor yet who understands the effect on your emotions and thinking. They just want to give you an antidepressant which doesn't do any good. It's very frustrating. I appliedI applaud you for hanging in there. The things that help me are walking in the woods or by the beach, just getting out in nature and keeping things simple if possible. I am very easily overwhelmed. My daughter keeps trying to analyze my thinking. Every morning I just say to myself how will I get through this day without going crazy. Exercise is very helpful. I hope things get better for you and your husband. I think this just takes time and of course the right amount of thyroid medication.

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement I just hope and pray he gets some help he almost seem bipolar and has family history of it with siblings and seems like some of his least favorite attributes are the ones that have enhanced with the Graves’ disease and rage and irrational mood swings and we have young children and hard to deal with when it’s not there fault

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