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Low T3 Cure?


Hey everybody!

This is my first post and I’ll make sure to keep it short and sweet.

I’ve had a past history of anabolic use and I can’t say that I’ve always been responsible with it.

I’ve quite a long time ago but I’ve been suffering from hormonal imbalances ever since.

I finally found out that my t3 and free t3 are low despite my tsh and t4 being normal.

I did some research online and I might have “Euthyroid Sick Syndrome” which means that my low t3 could be secondary to an underlying cause.

I want to know if anybody can help point me into a specific direction in how to tackle this.

I’m currently seeing a homeopath, I’ve changed my diet and all that good stuff.

My Adrenals are my primary suspect but I also want to know if there is anything else I should be considering?

Thanks for all your help!

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You need to have full evaluation to find out what is wrong. If you have an adrenal problem you need it thoroughly investigated as it can be very serious. I didn't think that a homeopath had the resources to take full blood test evaluations. You need to see a GP. You can't diagnose a thyroid condition without full blood tests evaluation.

There's no such thing as 'normal', where thyroid is concerned. All it means is 'in-range', which isn't necessarily 'normal'. Can you give us the numbers - results and ranges? Then we might be better able to advise you. :)

Advocate1 in reply to greygoose

Sure, here’s what I got so far.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the full panel for whatever reason but this is as of 8/13/2018

T3 60 (76-160)

T3 Uptake 42 (22-35)

TSH 1.29 (0.40-4.50)

T4 Free 1.4 (0.8-1.8)

T3 Free 2.19 (2.30-4.20)

greygoose in reply to Advocate1

Yes, I see what you mean. There can be so many possible causes of Euthyroid Sick Syndrome. To start with the obvious, I suppose you're not on a starvation diet, and don't have a virus? Have you had your adrenals tested? I think you're going to need a lot of testing done. Do you have any other symptoms that might give a clue?

Advocate1 in reply to greygoose

I don’t think I’ve had my adrenals specifically tested.

The last time I saw my endo it was about thyroid since my t3 levels came back low. She told me to try and get them up naturally and that’s when I hired a homeopath.

I see my endo again in a few weeks so I’ll make sure to get another comprehensive panel.

My main symptoms are low libido and erectile dysfunction. Slow cognitive function and a lack of motivation and social withdrawal are also part of the issue. Fatigue has gotten better with diet but I’m still not as energized as I should be.

If anything, I hope it would be adrenals and at this point it seems to make sense, but I’ll wait for my next set of labs to confirm.

greygoose in reply to Advocate1

Well, don't forget to get a copy, with ranges, and post them on here. :)

Advocate1 in reply to greygoose

Sure thing GG.

Thank you for your willingness to help! It means a lot.

I’ll be sure to give you an update as soon as I get the results!!

greygoose in reply to Advocate1

You're welcome. Let's hope something shows up in those tests. :)

Advocate1 in reply to greygoose

These some of my recent lab ranges:

DHEA-S: 286 H (40.8-222.0)

Ferritin: 82.5 H (3.0-73.0)

Iron: 96 (65-175)

CPK 1491 H (38-174)

ACTH: 51.99 (7.00-69.00)

CORT: 12.7 (6.4-21.0)

TgAB: <12.0 (0.0-28.7)

ALT: H 65 (10-47)

AST H 45 (11-38)

FSH 2.0 (1.5-168)

LH 4.2 (0.5-68.7)

Progesterone II 1.4 (0.0-1.4)

SHBG: H 56 (10-50)

Albumin H 5.2 (3.6-5.1)

TSH: 1.793 (0.400-4.000)

Free T4 1.1 (0.8-1.8)

TT3 L 0.7 (0.8-1.8)

T4 4.9 (4.9-12.0)

FT3 L 1.82 (2.30-4.20)

IGF-1 H (99-283)

E2 L 25 (40.7-424.6)

I dont get it. Since hiring this Holistic doctor I've done EVERYTHING under the sun and listened to his dietary recommendations. I've easily spent $2000 plus between his services, the supplements he provides, and food that i need to purchase on a weekly basis. I've taken ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Ginseng, Long jack, and I'm about to start Mucuna soon.

Despite all these efforts, its safe to say this is the worse that my body has ever been. I'm honestly considering discontinuing seeing this doctor as well.

I'm thinking my last ditch effort before deciding to go on thyroid hormones and testing the conventional medicine methods is the Keto Diet.

I've read information in favor of keto and against it, especially for hypo/subclinical thyroid conditions.

I've had my life on hold for too long and after seeing these results I feel perplexed and somewhat defeated, sometimes it feels like ill never get back but i know i have to stay as positive as possible.

please let me know what you guys think, thanks!

greygoose in reply to Advocate1

Advocate1, your post is quite old, now. Nobody is going to see this last addition to your thread. I really would suggest you copy and paste it into a new thread.

However, if you want my opinion, I set no store by holistic doctors. I've seen too many horror stories on here. They just don't know anything about thyroid, yet have some very, very weird theories. I'm sure you did do everything he suggested, but if they were the wrong things to begin with, they were never going to make you better.

So, do repost these results and let other people see them. x

Finola in reply to Advocate1


5he symptoms you mention above could be caused by low testosterone, even low normal blood levels of testosterone can cause the same symptoms in men. You did mention that you had a history of anabolic use and possibly your investigations should focus on that area, to include the adrenals.

It might be helpful for you to find a doctor, functional medicine specialist who will do urine testing along with blood. Blood tests show what is in the blood stream now whereas urine testing shows what is being excreted and so tells you what the body has used and therefore what has been available for use and in what quantities.

Depending upon what quantities and which anabolics you were using your adrenals may take some time to recover and you may have done some damage too.

You seem to be doing the right stuff now with diet and In my experience homeopathy is a good support generally for the whole body system but you do need to see someone who can look at your whole endocrine system not just thyroid and treat accordingly.

Are you avoiding gluten and processed foods too, this is very helpful.Best of luck


Advocate1 in reply to Finola

My testosterone has been fine. I’ve even done trt for 2 months but it didn’t improve much of anything. I was starting to feel better, get morning wood for the first 2 weeks but I plateaued soon after.

Urine analysis has been fine as well.

That’s when we noticed my t3 and free t3 were low.

What I’m wondering is if it’s primary or secondary?

And if it’s secondary, what would be the main culprits? Low pituitary function? Adrenal gland issues?

That’s what I’m hoping my next appointment with my endocrinologist will show me.

HypoHden in reply to Advocate1

Did you have your e2 checked when on TRT? You may have plateaued because of high/low estrogen. I'm on TRT myself, and I know that when my oestradiol gets too high/low, it feels as though I have low test again. Just a thought!

EDIT: It has to be a sensitive oestradiol test, as NHS only uses regular.

Advocate1 in reply to HypoHden

The thing is my test before trt was relatively high and I treated my high estrogen before that as well. Unfortunately e2 was just a symptom and not the root cause. Thus hoping on trt didn’t yield much difference since testosterone wasn’t my problem to begin with, but it was worth a shot in trying out t replacement.

Hidden in reply to Advocate1

Dealing with the same issues for several years. Went back to my urologist(I'm in the US). Ran many labs. My total testosterone is that of an old sick man. I'm 68. We talked about my history of testosterone treatment. It's as if my body can't 'see' it, though my numbers were high. He was reading a new book by Dr. Mark Gordon, which is about pituitary malfunction. I'd been reading research on it. We agree that that might be the issue with me. My doctor felt a higher dose of T was in order, so he prescribed 200 mg of testosterone per week in divided doses, or daily, if I didn't mind injecting everyday. I'm also taking T3, 25 mcg. The past few days(injecting, daily) the weakness and fatigue subsided. Last night I opened two 100 mg capsules of DHEA and the put the contents under my tongue. I also take a low dose of Klonopin(.5 mg). For the first time in several years, I slept a solid 8 hours. I also ate a large meal at dinner time(6 pm), no evening snacks and I believe my blood sugar remained stable through the night.

Based on a high sensitivity cardiac C-Reactive Protein test, my level of inflammation is high. Also dealing with Metabolic Syndrome. Utilizing the fat soluble vitamins; A, E, D, K2, taking vitamin C, selenium, zinc, lots of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, fish, salads, onions, garlic, plain beans and some fruit. I've got a ways to go to reverse the issues and damage that I'm dealing with. I'm just going to stay with the program and give my body whatever it needs to heal.

I wish you success. Read and learn all you can. Some doctors will appreciate it. Most won't. And they're the ones you don't need.

Maramaray in reply to Hidden

Prendi l inulina.informati bene.un famoso neurologo americano ha scritto dei libri sulle sue scoperte...di quanto l intestino sia la causa di molti disturbi della nostra salute.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Maramaray

An online automated translation gives us:

Get inulin. Get well. A famous American neurologist wrote books about his findings ... how much the gut is the cause of many health problems.

Any idea which American? Which book?

Hidden in reply to helvella

Dr. David Perlmutter, who wrote 'Grain Brain'. He also has an excellent website.

Maramaray in reply to helvella

Questo medico in questo libro parla dell importanza di tenere l intestino a posto..fonte altrimenti di tante malattie tra cui.."malattie autoimuni"..come l hashimoto.è interessante vi consiglio di leggerlo.Per l intestino prova l'inulina.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Maramaray

Automatic online translation:

This doctor in this book talks about the importance of keeping the intestine in place .. otherwise of many diseases including .. "autoimmune diseases" .. as the hashimoto.It is interesting to read it.In the intestine test the inulin.

This is an English-based forum. It makes our job of moderating awkward when people post in languages that none of the administrators can read.

I have had to use Google Translate to understand your posts. Is it possible for you to post an English translation alongside the Italian original?

Thank you.

Questo è un forum in inglese. Rende il nostro compito di moderazione imbarazzante quando le persone pubblicano in lingue che nessuno degli amministratori può leggere.

Ho dovuto usare Google Translate per capire i tuoi post. È possibile pubblicare una traduzione inglese insieme all'originale italiano?


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