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Severe Thyrotoxicosis


Hi All, looking for advice-I have had overactive diagnosis since 2015, and been on Carmibozole 60mg for the past 7 months and nothing is helping.

My T4 was at 40, and my T3 too high to be recorded. Due to this, I am now going to be admitted to hospital on Tuesday for seven days, and thyroidectomy on the 27th. The medication I’m being given whilst in is Bispropol.

Looking for advice on what to exprct, and if anyone else has had to be admitted for as long before the op?

Sorry for the essay.

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Sorry you had no replies. It may be that your post was missed or simply that no one had any relevant info.

If you still need help it may be worth posting again.


Hi Cs86. How are you doing?

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