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Moving forward


Saw GP today & plans made:

1. Repeat bloods including intrinsic factor & parietal antibodies etc & look at renal function

2. Liver ultrasound to see if fatty liver

3. ENT referral to include thyroid scan...initially tried to pursuance me recent feeling of choking at night was related to weight, then when I said it felt like a lump started talking about anxiety, eventually felt neck and said felt like nodules on thyroid...on the side I said I was feeling a lump and restriction

4. Asking haematology re: B12 as apparently ‘normal’, can’t prescribe injections without their guidance. Would have injected though if was as previous when 133 (180-)! Has gone up so improving apparently to 211 (200-) in 2 year!! Was me pushing the point that needed treatment that got the opinion to be asked for.

It was productive but has exhausted me fighting for certain things to be taken seriously!

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Just clearing out unanswered posts. :)

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