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Levothyroxine increased but still fatigued


Following my last post I asked my GP for blood tests as advised. Thankfully he obliged. For some reason only some of the results were returned from the lab, so I had to do the tests in two sittings . I do feel more alert and physical symptoms have improved since the increased dose of Levothyroxine,. However I am still very tired sleeping several times during the day.

I know that my vitamin levels aren't optimal. Could this be the reason why?

Blood test results

6 August

Vit B12 659ng/L 187.00-883.00

Vit D 109nmol/L 75-220 optimal

Folate 15.9ug/L 3.10-19.90

Ferretin 62ug/L 11.00-336.00

TPO 25kU/L 0.00-9.00

22 August

TSH <0.03mlU/L 0.34-5.60

T4 17.2pmol/L 7.50-21.10

FT3-(alison) 5.4pmol/L 3.80-6.80pmol/L

Any advice or ideas will be very much appreciated.

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I suspect that you have a few things going on.. which can be partly attributed to antibody attacks. You clearly have a lot of issues with autoimmune illness in general.


One thing is to do everything in your power to reduce antibody attacks..

I'm gluten and cow dairy free and take selenium and zinc.. but there are other regimes that suit some better than others.. read this article to see suggestions..


There is a possibility that your ongoing fatigue is evidence of an adrenal problem which may need investigating before it becomes serious and your endocrinologist can test for them (your ferritin is also on the low side). Addisons disease is more likely to occur in those with type 1 diabetes and Hashimotos. Since you have both I think it's worth ruling that out.



P.S. Stay off having lots of biotin - it uses the same receptor sites as B5 which is essential for adrenal health.

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