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Hi I've only been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for six months but in that time my hay fever like allergy has completely gone. I've gone from one anti histamine pill a day to none so that's good. At the moment not feeling too bad but when my doctor upped my dosage after 3 months i had a lot of symptoms e.g. heart palpitations, nausea, anxiety, croay voice, muscle weakness. Thankfully after six weeks apart from the muscle weakness and the croaky voice i feel fine most of the time with the odd day of utter exhaustion which i just give into. I had a private blood test a month ago which confirmed I had Hashimotos hypothyroidism. I live in Spain but am in the UK at the moment and I'm going back to my doctors when I return next month armed with a ton of info. Just hope he'll listen to me. He's a newly qualified doctor so he's young and enthusiastic. I never had a symptom before diagnosis apart from unexplained weight gain but as I'm 72 I put it down to old age lol

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Sorry you had no replies. This may be because your post was missed or simply because no one had any relevant info.

If you still need help you could try posting again


Hi Louise I think I was just having a rant lol x

Are you on thyroid treatment? I also suffer with many allergies although non identifiable. Wondering if these could have something to do with large thyroid

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