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Is 50 mcg enough for me?

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I saw Endo on NHS again yesterday. A second opinion after seeing a very rude and arrogant one previously. My results were:

TSH 1.0 (0.5-4.4)

T4 15.9 (10-20 )

T3 5.1 (3.5-6.5)

Although I still have symptoms, I think I may not be a ‘text book’ candidate for an increase, based on previous results where an increase from 50mcg to 75 took my T4 over range to 21.1 and my T3 to 5.8.

I chose this Endo myself and he was very understanding and apologetic that he could not help me further, which was a vast improvement on before.

We use the name Endo, but in the NHS they are Doctors and not as knowledgeable about thyroid disease as some GPS were 30 years ago.

We need specialist centres with Endos specialising in this field and of course a change in the guidelines which means they have to follow them as they are for now. No matter what info I have offered, it makes no difference, they cannot follow anything other than the guidelines in place.

Thanks for any feedback,

7 Replies
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Why not try 62.5mcg Levo?

You have Hashi's and that's going to complicate things anyway, the antibodies fluctuating can make results fluctuate.

Are your vitamins and minerals optimal?

Vit D - 100-150nmol/L

B12 - top of range

Folate - at least half way through range

Ferritin - half way through range

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Flecmac in reply to SeasideSusie

I could do but any results going back to GP will make her think 50mcg is too much and if I’m honest about being on higher she won’t ahree and could stop medication. However she will only do yearly checks.

My Vit D was 120 but has dropped to 69 as I reduced supplement over hot summer, I am back on it now. Folate and ferritin have been good.

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They are only 'guidelines' - and not Rules set in concrete - which Docs do not seem to understand. holyshedballs has posted some very interesting points on this topic of late. 😊 Sorry more reading !

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Many thanks!!!

They might aswell be rules as Docs I have seen have told me that they would lose their jobs and be in serious trouble if they don’t follow them, this is why they cannot help. Endos are Doctors and to save money cover diabetes and other hormone issues including thyroid, but they are not trained fully for thyroid therapy, as I’m sure you know. Until this changes and the NHS provide specislist clinics across the country and unless NICE guidelines change in our favour next year, nothing will change regarding correct tests, diagnosis, and treatment. Even in the private sector Doctors fear the GMC, so patients can waste large amounts of money. Endo Docs in my area work in both and HAVE to follow the same guidelines for each.

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Marz in reply to Flecmac

Here is the link to - do Doctors have to follow guidance ... by holyshedballs - and there are more posts on her Profile page - just chose this one !

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Flecmac in reply to Marz

Thanks 😊

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.. ooops sorry could of been - ' his Profile page ' ....

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