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This is just my experience


I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism after giving birth to my son in 2006, I was required to take 20 mg of Carbimazole once a day. I was never consistent with it after noticing changes to my weight and motivation. In 2015 my mother was diagnosed with under active thyroids and was given thyroid tablets until it made he lose so much weight and she became unrecognisable. They put her back on Carbimazole and recommended she had the laser treatment which kills you thyroid glan completely. She had to be isolated from friends and family for over a week. On her first Sunday of being free from isolation she went to church and passed away on the Monday of acute heart failure and overactive thyroidism. Since then I have shone away from living on Carbimazole and relied on going to the gym regularly. I have had blood test and the doctor were asking why I have not collect a prescription for over 6 month yet my thyroids are normal, the results were still the same after the second test. Right now I am not feeling %100 and I believe it is because I have not been gym hardly this year and I also have not been eating right. My point is I would never advise anyone to stop taking Carbimazole by try and been In tune with your bodies needs, as you can get over subscribed or under subscribed causing great pressure on your heart.

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First, welcome to our forum and second I am really sorry your mother died of acute heart failure.

I am a bit puzzled because you state your mother was hypOthyroid but then they put her back on Carbimazole and recommended she had the laser treatment which kills the thyroid gland completely. So I am assuming your mother was hyPERthyriod and not hyPOthyroid.

If we have any dysfunctions of our thyroid gland our body suffers, whether with too much hormones or too little and it does take time to get to a balance which makes us feel well and not overmedicated and unwell.

I hope you get to the right balance as losing your mother will have affected you badly - emotionally as well as physically.

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Hey thanks for your reply she was firstly under active and was given thyroid tablets to speed up her tabalism. She then became hyper active leading to the decision to remove the gland completely

I have Graves disease and after the initial 20mg of carbimazole my is being treated with 5mg which is under control but before being treated I have had damage to my left ventricle which is also now being treated. I am personally not ready for RAI as I have young grandchildren as well as mentally not ready to take the plunge but am being well looked after by both endo and cardio. I would never stop taking my meds and have regular blood tests. My endo says that whilst they are both doing well at the moment (heart and thyroid) he is happy for me to continue of 5mg carbimazole but due to my age of 50 will not be a lifelong solution. If i was older he would have no problem suggesting carbimazole for life but reviewing on an annual basis suits both of us at present

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