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my 10yr old daughter blood test showed a low result ???

i took my 10yr old daughter to gp as she has a swelling at front of her throat.(goitre), on griday. the gp asked for her to have a blood test done om monday as he thought it could be her thyroids. we got the result back this morning and it shows she has a under active thyroid. hes phone the hospital and they say to done nothing for two weeks then take another test as shes not showing any other symtoms. is this right and what symtom am i surpost to look for. im so up set and worried pleade help.

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Hi there,

I'm so sorry you have this worry, it's bad enough for us adults to deal with this, I wish there was a specific site for kids. Docs are reluctant to make any connection but are other members of your family hypothyroid too? just a thought.

Firstly Children's levels are different to us. We suggest you get a print out of the blood tests for a start, as well as asking for other related tests like Vitamin D, irons, Vit B12 etc, and, I will say, how's her eating habits, regular?

Is she feeling well with a goitre? Of course she won't know - is she sleepy, having trouble at school with concentration perhaps? I'm guessing really, but I do work in a school and see youngsters with problems, as I recognise some symptoms which should be ruled out. And a goitre indicates the thyroid is struggling to produce more hormone.

Have a look around the site- I'm not saying the same symptoms apply for adults as children, we're just fellow sufferers trying to help.

Hugs Jane :D x


yes what they are doing is 'normal', they almost always recheck a second time.

A couple of weeks is a good compromise, if they said 6 months I'd complain :)

Get hold of a copy of the results and do post when you get them.

You're in the right place and here you will slowly but surely learn a lot to help your daughter in the future years x


They said no symptoms, but maybe the swelling is a symptom. That is a bit confusing! It is really good they are checking again in two weeks though.

Typical symptoms would include fatigue, feeling cold, putting on weight, lack of energy, dry skin, constipation etc

Good luck.



thank you all for answering. I'm feeling a bit better now. I've just spoken to my daughters teacher and she has a under active thyroid too and is going to keep an eye out for any symptoms too for me and has spoken to Freya about it too.

The goitre is the only symptom at the moment. she's running around in legging and thin tops at the moment. I have to keep telling her to put coat on lol. She's full of energy and has only just started to sleep later than norm, but we have put that down to dark mornings and late nights. Her teacher says shes not seen any problem with her at school. I'm hope this means we have found it early. My GP has taken advise from the lock hospital (ysbyty Gwynedd) which has a low rateing here. once again thank you for your help.


just to be 'pedantic', the goitre is a 'sign' rather than a symptom :) ;)

also...feeling heat intolerant ie: running around in a t-shirt when everyone else has to wear a jumper/coat can well be a sign of hypothyroidism, most of us are 'cold' intolerant, however some are 'heat intolerant'

just to make life 'more interesting' :D


oh ok thank you nobodysdriving. i will put it in note books to tell the dr. I have also found out that on her fathers side a great grandmother may have had a goitre. so thats going in the book too. Im also think of asking if there is any chance for them to test her vit d and b12 and ferritin.


Daughter has had second bloodtest done today, we will get results back tomorrow.

we also have an appointment through for her to see a predation(spelt that wrong sorry) on the 30th.

I got the results from the first blood test.

tsh 29.7

t4 7.8

how bad is this?

the dr said he was doing the full test this time. i asked about test her vit d and said to ask hospital.



Have you got the ranges for these please? Ranges for kids differ, but I'm not sure by how much.

Most adults feel well with a TSH of around 1.




no he didnt give me the ranges. im phoning them around 4pm for the new results so i will as for the ranges then.


we have been to the hospital today and the 2nd test results have shown a improvement, but still not normal. they were still waiting for the antibody test when we left but they have started her on Levothroxine sodium tablet 50micrograms. she has to have another test in 2 wks and they want to see her in a month. Thank you everyone for your help and surport. It help to know what they were talking about and what to ask them. this site and you are great. thank you


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