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Whitish fuzzy vision around edges


Hi, so I know being hypothyroid can cause vision changes, but every so often I have like fuzzy vision around the edges..It's like tunnel vision when you're about to collapse..but from what I can remember, it's more white than black.. it's very odd.

Does anyone else have this? I'm awaiting blood results, but I feel like I need more levothyroxin.. currently still on 37.5 :/ but I did what you guys said and didn't take my levo the day of testing..last time my tsh was 12 but ft4 was over range.


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Could be silent migraine. If the vision affected wavers and ripples, that is what it is iikely to be. If so not connected with thyroid problems.

Michaela_l in reply to diogenes

Hi thanks. Can it happen in both eyes simultaneously? Doesn't really wave or ripple...just kinda smudged and not there around the edges...weird.


diogenes in reply to Michaela_l

Yes, it happens to me regularly and I'm not on thyroid medication.

Michaela_l in reply to diogenes

Ah ok. Thanks. It doesn't last long..it's very weird. Thanks for your help.

It may be an ocular migraine (so called). I don't know if it's related but your iris has a large supply of mitochondria which needs lots of good fats. Mine comes and goes and that is just my feeling. Maybe you can look it up.

Michaela_l in reply to Heloise

Hi, thank you I'll have a look :)

I would get your optician to conduct a thorough check to rule out a problem in the eye. Eyes are important and opticians are trained to detect eye conditions or refer you to your GP or a specialist eye unit if you need further investigation. Most likely, they will just reassure you that it's nothing serious. They are really very glad to help I've found.

Michaela_l in reply to Nanaedake

Hey, so my usual opthalmologist said nothing wrong with my eyes, mention it to gp.. have done..little has been said.

Nanaedake in reply to Michaela_l

Return to GP and explain it's not clearing up.

It might be tunnel vision (can't remember the medical name for it). A guy I was at college with had it. Get a referral to an eye specialist urgently. Can also be caused by blood sugar or adrenal problem, but I'd get your eye checked first to be sure.

Hi thanks, .y short synethen test showed an insignificant cortisol spike, but because the test isn't very reliable, nothing is being done :'(

It's the only preliminary test the NHS do and is reliable when it is normal or why is not reliable when it is not normal? Ask them what test IS reliable. Push for an endo referral if your levels did not double, and quote guidelines at them.

The endocrine consultant said there's nothing wrong and to go on antidepressants. So I'm stuck. He then wrote to my GP and said I had thyroiditis. He doesn't have a clue. I don't know what to do.

Try Adrenavive and think about self-medicating after doing your own research

There's so much going on. It looks like I've had a raised tsh since 2015. No wonder I feel like I do. Thank you I'll have a look.

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