Shaking and choppy vision that looks like i'm missing frames

I'm suffering from mild shaking and choppy vision that looks like i'm missing frames. Recently came off all hard drugs and stopped smoking weed daily. Vision has slightly improved however doesn't seemed to of fully clear up. It like trailing vision in right eye in my peripheral vision. However this isn't all the time. I've started taking vitamin B complex and also started eaten more healthily as well as living a more proactive lifestyle. Can anyone else help or relate to this problem?

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  • Have you got a thyroid condition?

  • I don't know whether I do, could a thyroid condition result I need my symptoms, it's caused a lot of stress and anxiety.

  • Welcome to the forum, Unknown89342.

    It sounds as though you may be still be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This is a thyroid forum so I doubt we'll be able to help you. There may be information useful to you in the link below.

  • Actually, yes I can relate to this feeling. It hasn't happened for a long time so I'd forgotten about it. It was like turning your head and seeing everything in freeze frame. Especially when tired.

    No idea what caused it. Certainly wasnt down to drug use and not sure if it was down to thyroid problems.

  • I went to the doctors today and couldn't pick up on anything except they advised to stop drug use witch I have. It has seemed to lesson since quitting cannabis.

  • How long did it last for you?

  • did you get this a lot through out the day or on the rare occasion?

  • A number of years but mainly when exhausted. Didn't actually notice it had gone until I saw your your post tbh

  • i went to the opticians and they said it was to to do with my lazy eye, i just really hope it gets better.

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