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Adrenal Gland Results

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So I just got my results back to check my adrenals cortisol as I expected the results show low cortisol. This explains why when I was on 40mg of T3 it was making me have hyper like symptoms especially after dinner and at night. Where I used to be perfectly fine on 40/60 before my Dr drastically switched me from t3 only to t4 only. Then by trying to get back to t3 only it not working again. I have sent these results to my endo to see what he suggests but I think I may look into the method of taking t3 an hour before waking up (I forgot the name of it just now) the t3 only method. Does anyone else have any suggestions? (Attached image)

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It looks as though you need further investigations as to why your cortisol is low. Thyroid levels will be messed up if there is a problem with either your pituitary or adrenal glands. Hopefully your Endo will suggest his own testing & offer to do a synacthen test to see how your adrenal glands are responding.

That was a drastic switch going back from an active hormone to an inactive hormone. I suppose the powers that be caused it. So the doctor had no suggestions about the low cortisol? The last resort would be to take hydrocortisone but you could try supporting your adrenals with adrenal cortex. The gland needs magnesium, progesterone and vitamin C when stressed. You could check out the websites for Chris Kresser or Dr. Axe who actually look at research and have more understanding when it comes to both hormones and autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Lowe created his own bovine T3 and recommended taking it all at once.

Ray Peat had the same idea as yours. Scroll down to Therapy on this page.

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vooxxy in reply to Heloise

Hey Heloise yeah it was a drastic change that was done by a oncologist i wasn't seeing an endo at the time who prob would have suggested not to do such a thing. But here iam now after suffering for two years trying t3 again then recently a combination of both t4 and t3.

I even suggested to my Dr a year ago to check my adrenals but was ignored. Yeah i have seen a few people say that they take it all at once in the morning or sometimes night. But from looking at these results I think i would do that in the morning when the cortisol is at the highest. Because I know that the body needs good levels for the t3 to use.

It makes sense now why last summer i was getting hyperthyroid type symptoms was due to the these adrenals not being able to cope with such a high dose of t3 cause its been messed with.

So plan forward is to look into doing that Paul Robinson method but i do need to increase my B vitamins first i know they are on the lowish end. Or to take all the t3 in the morning.

But I will wait to see what my endo says if i need anymore tests done like that synacthen test.

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Heloise in reply to vooxxy

You do need to assist your adrenals in some way because they are not making enough cortisol. Good rest and sleep are important. It may be that when you were taking T4 which was not working as well for you, the adrenals had to step up as they do when your thyroid is low. I'm on T3 only and take it all at night but it might be wise to use Paul's method at least until you get your adrenals straight.

This man gives excellent advice.

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vooxxy in reply to Heloise

Yea I have seen this guy before really good stuff, and yea it is important to get good sleep but its hard when you wake up through the night because of the adrenals. I need to support them urgently.

Hi Vooxxy I've just seen your post. Please ask your GP or endo to do an NHS cortisol test urgently. Your scores may indicate a primary adrenal insufficiency (even Addison's possibly) or a secondary adrenal insufficiency (HPA axis problems). Either way this could be very serious. I have recently been diagnosed with Addison's disease and it was thanks to prompting from a caring person in this group that I pushed for the NHS cortisol test having had a private test. At the time I felt so ill I had been on the verge of giving up asking my GP - so glad I did ask. Good luck.

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vooxxy in reply to Deecam

Hey Deecam are you speaking about the synacthen test? to test for addisons yes i think my endo will end up saying to get this done he is an endo that is willing to work with me even though i had to even push to suggest this adrenal test pvt.

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