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Results after increase

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I've just had my recent blood test results done by Medichecks..

I'm on 50mcg of levo Monday and Friday, rest of the days 37.5mcg. And 6.25mcg of t3 daily.

I feel very jumpy and noise and I get palpitations.

Currently 7weeks + pregnant.

Can anyone tell me if my results look ok?

My antibodies seem to have risen from March when it was 161 now over 200!! 🙄

I also did a recent cortisol Saliva test which showed very low in the morning. I'm trying the CT3M method, been a week but no improvements, if anything feel worse actually.

I'm dairy and gluten free.

And advice and suggestion highly appreciated

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Hi Maya, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will reply.

I just wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy.

Also, have you had your vitamins etc checked too? You need vitamin D, B12, ferritin, folate all optimal, especially as you are pregnant too.

And also have your thyroid antibodies checked?

Then you need them put on here.

I’m sorry if you already have and I noticed (not great with the navigation on here yet).

Take care, look after yourself and Happy New Year too. ☺️

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Oops, put post in wrong place

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Maya_83 in reply to Lovecake

Thank you so much 😊

I was over the moon as I've been trying for some time now.

Vitamins are all optimal ( above range actually lol) and keep on top of it.

Happy New year to you too 😊

Antibodies do fluctuate a lot. Your TSH could be lower. Apparently the TSH ranges were calibrated for T4 treatment only, and if T3 is added it would likely go right down, even below range perhaps, before you feel well.

"I feel very jumpy and noise and I get palpitations. "

You might be overmedicated, but it could be a "Hyper swing" instead. The high antibodies fit that possibility. When antibodies destroy thyroid cells, the cells break up and dump their hormone into the bloodstream.

I know very little about T3 treatment, but maybe you could try reducing it very slightly and see if that helps.

But best check that out with one of our experts first. I can't remember who is best to ask for this. SlowDragon? SeasideSusie?

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Maya_83 in reply to

Thank you for replying.

Ideally I wanted to reduced Levo if I need to reduce any at all cause I think Levo might be giving me problems ( just feel really unwell) . When I reduced Levo in the summer to 12.5mcg nd 3.25mcg of t3 I felt great for 6weeks, then forgot to take meds for two day ( family disruptions) I started to feel unwell again.

I can't understand why my antibodies have risen from last time ☹

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Please can you give me your opinions on this, as I don't know what I should do.

Thank you

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Antibodies are unpredictable, they fluctuate and even if you stick to a gluten free diet there is no guarantee that they will reduce.

I don't know how pregnancy affects hypothyroidism, I was diagnosed a couple of years after having my last baby, so I don't know if being pregnant is having any effect.

When taking a combination of Levo and T3, where one needs FT4 is very individual, we find out by trial and error of tweaking doses. I am on a combination of Levo and T3 and need both FT4 and FT3 around 75% of range. Your FT4 may be too low for you, and your FT3 is on the low side for someone taking T3.

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Maya_83 in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you for replying ..

Would you say I would benefit to add another small dose if t3 in the evening??

My docs don't know I'm self medicating with t3.

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You might do, as you are on a low dose of T3. But increasing Levo may also raise your FT3 as well as raising FT4. It's all trial and error, it took me about 2 years of tweaking doses, ensuring nutrient levels were optimised and addressing adrenals to know what doses of Levo and T3 suited me best.

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Maya_83 in reply to SeasideSusie

I'm doing the CT3M method as well to help with adrenals.

Anymore Levo and I have the hung over feeling (i don't drink)

If anything I wanted to reduce Levo and increase t3.

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Jeppy in reply to Maya_83

Hi I knowmold post I hope things are better

May I ask how you have gone on? Did the method help you and did you swop over to t3

I'm a bit similar

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