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Moved to Helensburgh


After 5 months living in a suitcase I have finally moved into our new home North of the Border. I am currently on 20 -T3 and 75 - T4 and ticking along OK. (I was under care of NHS consultant in South London). Any advice on GPs or local groups please? Please pm me. I have already had some good advice around the challenges of getting T3. Many thanks.

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welcome to Scotland, I wish you luck.

things may be ok in the west, but my part of the country Fife no T3. My GP said if my private Endo said I needed T3 she would prescribe, but then refused, so paying £200 for 100. and now trying to source in France. All the best

Mantras131 in reply to MKitty

Thanks MKitty. Its such a lottery isn't it? Good luck with your source in France. I haven't the energy this week to find a GP but glad to be back in Scotland.

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