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Moved to T4 and feel awful!

Hi Everyone, I have been on T3 for 10yrs + due to Hashimoto's. My thyroid is now failing more and the GP has added 25mgs 3x a day of T4. I feel low mood, anxious for no reason and fed up as hoped I would start losing weight. Has anyone else been able to be treated with T3 only. I get the impression it is more expensive and the GP would prefer me to be on T4 only. I have struggled for 10yrs to keep the T3.

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Hi, Some people cannot tolerate any form of thyroid replacement with T4 in it, my daughter being one of them. It made her feel toxic. She has now been on T3 only for 11 years. Her doctor (private) tried twice to change her to 2 different forms of NDT but on both occasions she had bad reactions. She was unable to tolerate T4 alone either. She soon reverted to T3 which suits her best. She is under the care of a private doctor though as the NHS doctors would do nothing to help her, so if your GP becomes difficult this may be the route you have to take also. Jane x

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Thanks, from what I have read from others, I feel that my GP has been unusual in supporting me with T3 for so long!


Hi sorry your feeling so poorly. I'm on both t4 150, T3 50 split x4 during the day . Been on this for over a year , feel less fussy head, concentration is better however weight gain still happening , I try and stick to 1300 daily . Still have pains in joints . I wish there was a miracle cure , but at least I'm still alive .


Thanks, yes there is always someone worse, it's quite awful reading some of the stories on here and the way some GP's treat hypo patients, making them fight to have blood tests etc. I used to regulate my own medication when I was first diagnosed as the GP would do regular testing for T3/T4 levels as well as TSH, now with the costs/funding issues, it is usually just the TSH levels, which for Hashimoto's disease is not particularly accurate. It already seems that many patients are being forced to turn to private care which does not seem fair.


I've been on T3 only for the past 16 years.

T4 didn't work for me at all.


Thanks I hope my GP will let me go back to T3 only!


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