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Sorry to bother you lovely people again

Since my last post, I was on 100mg of Levo and 40mg of T3.

I've decided to stop the Levo as many have suggested and just use the T3.

But can I ask for anyone's advice please. Should I just stop it and carry on with the same dose of T3 ?

The last endo told me that was ok. But I don't have much faith in him. I'm seeing a new endo on 13th July.

Any advice from people who have been on combined T3/T4 who have gone to T3 only greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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If you stop taking 100mcg Levothyroxine you will become undermedicated unless you increase the T3 dose to compensate. 100mcg Levothyroxine is equivalent to 33mcg T3.


Ah right thank you .. I've only been given tablets of 20mg twice a day. The last doc didn't mention increasing the T3. So I don't have enough tablets. Will ask my consultant next tine for some more. Thank you so much. But is it ok to just stop levo or do I have to ween myself off ? I've been on levo for over 20 years !



You don't need to wean off Levothyroxine. When you have enough T3 you can swap straight over.


Thank you so much for your time .. I REALLY appreciate it. I don't know what I would have done without the advice and support from you lovely people.

Thank you x

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What about when switch from NTD to T3 only.

My free T3 is high normal , mid Free t4 and I feel terrible all the time. I want to try T3 only do you think it will help?


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