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Constipation and use of meal replacement shakes


Hi all,

I am due to go back to my GP in 3 weeks (currently on 75 mg of Levo') and don't feel that I am on enough as yet.

I have had constipation every day for about 12 days, and the pain, bloating and discomfort is becoming a real pain in the behind! I am wondering if, as the cause is probably down to my digestive system not coping very well with digestion and absorption, would it be beneficial in the short term to use meal replacement shakes rather than solid food? Has anyone tried this, and if so does it work?

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As a general rule, I wouldn't recommend meal-replacement shakes to anyone! But, I suppose it does somewhat depend what's in them.

Whether or not they will help your constipation, I don't know. I suspect not. Things that have helped my constipation are high doses of vit C; magnesium; and CBD oil. You probably need those things, anyway. :)

I have found prune juice to be the answer for me. I have one glass each evening after dinner and it's solved the problem nicely! I would suggest starting off with a small glass (about 150 ml) just in case it's too effective.😮!! You can then increase the amount if needed.

I get mine from Holland and Barrett.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes


Or just eat the prunes - much nicer than juice.

RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Angel_of_the_North

I've heard figs are an even better remedy. The down side is that both prunes and figs are high in sugar, so if there's a candida issue, they may not be a good idea.

But at least you get the fibre, which you don't with juice and figs are more expensive (usually) than prunes. Fat also makes you go more, so perhaps figs and a nice full fat cheese for lunch.

I wouldn't take meal replacement shakes. They're junk, usually full of sugar & use the cheapest vitamins & minerals. Other than magnesium, chia seeds help & are healthy. Soak a tablespoon in 1 cup of water until It turns into a pudding like consistency. You can add cocoa powder or fruit. Another remedy is Triphala, an Indian herbal blend. You'd want the powdered form, not tablets. It doesn't taste good, but it works.

Many thanks to all for advice and suggestions; I ate half a tin of prunes yesterday and came up trumps this morning!

I eat prunes every morning with my breakfast they work wonders for me Just the tinned ones from the supermarket in natural syrup.

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