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Aloe Vera and Constipation, and much more!

As you probably know I have been suffering from chronic anal fissures for almost 4 years. I had used lots of expensive creams which although they helped to open my anal sphincter, my skin became very sensitive to the product, and the burning and pain got subsequently worse.

I decided to try Holland and Barratt Aloe Vera knowing that this can help heal burns. I also bought the Aloe Vera gel. I was bleeding when I first took it and very miserable. It worked the first time after 7 hours as I was so blocked up, no stomach ache or straining too. Now I take one capsule every day and within 2 hours I get a nice clear out. My anus was on fire and very inflammed and I've used Aloe Vera gel for this which has worked a treat. The fissures are now healing nicely and my anal sphincter has stopped closing tightly, which is like a miracle for me.

It's anti inflammatory properties has also helped my body pain. I have widespread arthritis as well as muscular pain, and I have to say I'm walking and moving around so much better.

On reading up about the healing properties of Aloe Vera, I read it can help interstitial cystitis too, so I will definitely carry on taking it.

I can recommend this supplement 100%. It's £7.99 for 100 capsules, and you only need 1 a day.

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I'm glad you've found something to relieve your pain but be aware that Aloe Vera may interact with prescription drugs metabolised by the liver and inhibit absorption of Levothyroxine and other medicines.


Hi Clutter, thanks for pointing this out. I've done a search with the drugs I take and possible interactions with aloe vera, and nothing came up. I'm just taking one capsule a day, so I don't think it's going to do much harm. I just want to not have that pain! I've been taking it for over 10 days now, and I haven't noticed anything untoward.



I'm not suggesting you stop taking something which is so beneficial to you.  If it does reduce absorption of Levothyroxine you will begin to feel hypo and may need to increase Levothyroxine dose.


I don't take Levothyroxine Clutter. I take a mixture of Westhroid and Tiromel. Thanks for your concern, I really hadn't thought of drug interactions. 

At least I'm not having to take 2,000 mg of gabapentin a day now, that has to be good, especially with adrenal exhaustion. 

I wouldn't know what not feeling hypo feels like! ;-)

Hugs x


Try two or three Whitworths dried prunes a day for clear outs!


Hi Treepie, I take a lot of fibre and drink up to 3 litres of water a day. Motility is my problem, and I know my mucous membranes are dry and inflammed, confirmed years ago by my then GP.

For some reason Aloe Vera which I've read is good for mucous membranes, has calmed down the inflammation.

I don't eat any refined or processed food. My anal sphincter was shut tight because of the severe pain I was in all the time. The burning was so great it made me sweat from head to toe. I seem to have broken the cyle now after nearly 4 horrendous years. It was leaving me housebound because of the pain and the level of pain relief I was taking. 

I would recommend Aloe Vera to anyone in this position. My GP wanted me to have surgery, hopefully I'll stay this way and avoid that.


Let's hope so ,I have had fissures that bleed on and off for years.Will try the gel.

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Hi Treepie, you need the capsules too. Apart from clearing your colon, for me they have calmed the inflammation too.

 So many foods were burning on their way through, that has stopped now. It's just the basic aloe vera capsules, not the colon cleanse I'm using. 

Really hope it helps you,  I had 3 fissures and they are so painful. It's like a miracle now, almost 99% pain free in only 10 days of aloe vera. I didn't go more than 3 days without bleeding before.



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