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Please PM me where to buy T3 online without prescription!


After a lot of googling and searching this website I'm still at a loss of where to but T3 online safely without a prescription. My partner and I both have much lower than optimal T3 and Reverse T3 on the high side so concerned of trying NDT on its own.

I know this thread has to be locked but can someone please PM me some reputable places to order T3 online without needing a prescription.

Thanks a million!

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If anyone can help purple_haze please reply by Private Message as we can't name suppliers on the open forum.

I will close the post to replies so that no information is inadvertently posted here.


As a precaution you may wish to contact one of the Admin Team to ensure any information you have been sent is for a genuine supplier as we have recently had some spammers reaching out via PM linking to suppliers known to let people down.

Also, members are more likely to share details of their supplier when further information is given. As mentioned in reply to your previous thread, if you post your results, including their reference ranges, in another thread then members will help.

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