Half of pharmacists have customers who buy medicines online without prescription

Half of pharmacists have customers who buy medicines online without prescription

Today this story was published. (Please do follow the link to read the full details. I don't think you have to register to view.)

I find it interesting:

o... That they refer to "illicit online sources" - when it is quite clear that at least some are bona fide in every way.

o... Then that people do this to avoid embarrassment.

o... Or to get the medicines more quickly.

Funnily enough, they do not mention:

o... People desperately trying to get medicines which the NHS will not provide/fund.

o... That many people end up waiting for weeks for delivery and would far rather go to their local pharmacy.

o... That this often costs far more than an NHS prescription - even if you had to pay!

Also the whole story is somewhat ironic given the issues raised by my first pharmacy-related blog today:


Half of pharmacists have customers who buy medicines online without prescription

Mon, 17/12/2012 - 14:56

By News team

Customers ask pharmacists about purchasing prescription medicines online without a prescription

Half of pharmacists have customers who admit to buying prescription medicines online without a prescription, according to statistics released today (17 December 2012) by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in association with Pfizer.

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  • Technically all us that buy NDT do come under this article as buying "unlicensed" drugs! Maybe they should find out why people do this rather than just assume we are too embarrassed to go to a doctor!

    I really worry that they are going to clamp down on these illicit online pharmacies in such a way that it does affect legitimate ones, which as we know will put people in danger just as much if not more that the ones targetting middle aged men with fake viagra, and idiotic body builders wanting steroids

    (no offence meant to any middle-aged men, but I'm sure that is one of the areas they make a lot of money from)

  • A few people do get bona fide prescriptions for desiccated thyroid and then get them fulfilled either in the UK or from abroad.

  • Many of us on this forum buy NDT or T3 online, might a clamp down mean we cannot get the meds we need to live a healthy life?

    I am about to tell my doc that I'm taking T3 and enjoying the results. I will not disclose my source but I'm wondering if patient confidentiality may become compromised.

    If Theresa May gets her way perhaps it will be possible to trawl an individuals "websites visited data" for online pharmaceutical purchases. The site I use does claim encryption on all transactions to protect my identity.

    I wonder?


  • Even if it were possible, there are ways around that for now!

  • I liked you reply in the PJ

  • :-)

    Got to say something - otherwise there is a totally one-sided, closed view.

  • They also forget that we would also rather receive licensed medicines than run the gauntlet of purchasing medicines via the Internet !

  • And it would be cheaper!

  • I don't understand their logic. Why would someone be embarrassed to discuss the medication they need with their doctor in private, but then be willing to discuss buying it online with their pharmacist? This is just scraping the surface of this issue. Surely it would have made more sense to talk to the people buying the medication about their reasons than to ask pharmacists what they assume the reasons behind it are. This is pretty lazy research.

  • I couldn't get my head around that. The lack of any apparent investigation needs to be explained.

  • The PJ is a pharmacist's mag. I imagine pharmacists would be happy to have all sources that weren't 'bricks and mortar sources within the UK' to quote the article closed down. It is competition for them.

  • I buy online because its cheaper. The irony of having an exemption certificate :-//

  • But it wouldn't be cheaper than an NHS prescription, would it? (Assumption medical exemption certificate or living in Wales/Scotland.)

    I assume you get, or could get, a private prescription?

  • NDT, even when prescribed is exempt from free prescription as far as I'm aware as its classed as a supplement and not a medicine.

    I could be wrong though, but I do remember reading that "somewhere"!

  • Not so - have seen a prescription for Armour fulfilled - no charge due to medex.

    Mind, the non-prescription desiccated thyroid products (which, of course, are available for purchase in the UK) might be a problem were any doctor ever to try to prescribe them.

    (I wish I knew where all my "somewheres" were - can never find the right somewhere when I need to. :-) )

  • lol, and thanks for clearing that up, good to know about the prescripts in case by some miracle my GP decides to prescribe it some day!!

  • Hi fedupsusie

    I have tried twice toget my Armour on prescription my good gp gave mea private prescription he wrote to the trust they wouldnot pay forit that was 5 years ago . To cut a long story short i phoned my mp. he wrote to the trust got avery cheeky letter back that was this year telling me that the trust said it is not a leagalised drug in uk!!. I phoned him back left a message on his answering machine and told him you can get it on Private prescription in this country what annoyed me was that wehad a friend over from Malta she took tonsilitis went to the Dr got free cosaltation and was given free antibiotcs, I have been born payed all my taxes and cant get mt pills to keep me healthy!! thats m moan for this morning Merry Xmas to you all Anne

  • They want to ban some of the "Legit" medicines the Gps keep shoving down our throats!

  • Can anyone tell me;is it it poss to buy NDT online without prescription fron a uk pharmacy then?If so ,can someone also give me name of such websites that u have bought NDT from,please.(as it woyld be much more convenient than ordering from,say,U.S.A. which i wad considering.

  • Anyone answering this would be in contravention of our Guidelines:

    •Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription.

    •For the full Thyroid UK support guidelines: thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/suppor...


  • Desiccated Thyroid is a prescription-only medicine in the UK hence absolutely cannot be purchased (legally) without a prescription here.

    Louise has answered the rest.

  • Sorry ,i didnt mean to cause problems;i thought there is a way for people to contact me privately?I just in rather desperate situation.

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