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ADRENALINE TEST-what one should I ask for??🌟🌟 😁

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Hi there my lovely guys, I'm contemplating having my Adrenalines tested as they maybe a little out of whack, not every morning but some I do wake up trembling but it is short lived, also I do not handle a lot of stress like I used to, well you people know my journey so far for the whole year I've been here.

I see my ever useful and obliging Endo on the 4th September(sorry choking there) and want to ask for a test but which one is the more accurate? Hope he says yes if not as anyone had this done by gp request?

As always a big thankyou in advance🌟🌟

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I think you have to start with short synacthen test and then, if that is abnormal, other tests get done.

Great thankyou Angel🌟

Shall I ask Endo to do this? Even though gp may be more obliging.

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