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Hi I’ve been in full blown menopause for 10 years and never took HTR A’s didn’t like the thought of it. I am treating my under active thyroid with natural thyroid medication now for the past 2 years. But I feel it’s the tip of the iceberg, as I still have weight gain issues and can’t shift it . No matter how much exercise I do. Anyway to the point of this is that I wanted to know if there was a natural progesterone I can purchase to try as I believe the lack of this is causing me this problem. Any info would be great

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You really need your sex hormones testing by blood test before you throw in some progesterone (which is HRT in it's own right, but nothing wrong with that). You need to know what's low and if, regardless of low, they are all in balance. Just adding progesterone might cause bigger problems. Most of us on HRT have a lot of trouble with progesterone (but we have to take it somehow if we are taking oestrogen and still have a womb), we all need and love the oestrogen side of HRT not the progesterone.

So start with a GP visit to ask for the blood test to see where you are.

Do you have a copy of your last thyroid test results? Sound as if you could be under-medicated. That should be ruled out before you consider taking other hormones.

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