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T3 is giving me back my life! GREAT NEWS!


Hello dear H friends,

I started on 5mcg of liothyronine 5 weeks ago. I am also taking 100mcg of levo. I have been on the struggle bus for a few years. My GP increased my dose of T3 last week. I was prescribed 25mcgs and am taking half of that 12.5. It’s been 6 days and I feel 80% my old self. I am not the normal hashimoto patient. My weight had plummeted and my heart rate was running all day between 110 and 127. I’m 5’9 and my weight got down to 105pds. I know most gain weight, but I went in the other direction and my heart was beating out of my chest.

I live in the USA and my GP was not to familiar with T3, as he had never prescribed it. However, he listened to me and respected the research I have done, which mostly came from a few of you on this site and links posted from doctors.

My heart on 12.5mcg of liothyronine is staying below 90 all day and I’m actually hungry. My stomach issues have pretty much gone. I can eat onions again! I am still on 100mcg of levothyroxine too. My vision is so much better and I sleep all night. I have energy again too. I have had several clients say you seem chipper today. 😊.... I shared with my GP what the NHS did in the UK last August and he was shocked. Thank you, to each one of you for your knowledge and sharing of personal experiences. I would not have known about liothyronine if I had not joined this forum. I’ve also noticed that I’m not having to use the bathroom constantly all day and during the night too.

I will stay on 12.5mcg and see what my labs say in six weeks. Maybe that is enough for me. As a wise person on here said “don’t miss your sweet spot” thank you for that advice last week. Praying for all of you!!!

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How nice to hear a good news story :)

So glad you're starting to improve.


Delighted to hear your positive news

How much does T3 cost in the USA?

Presumably nothing like as expensive as pharmaceutical companies charge the NHS here.

okaykay in reply to SlowDragon

My copay with insurance was $19.00 US for one month/30 count of 25Mcg However on goodrx.com you can get that same amount without insurance for as low as $15.00 but no more than $52.00.

Well done ♡

How lovely to hear Happy news

God Bless xXx

Fantastic. Your story sounds similar to mine but I am at the point of going to the endo re T3! Let’s see. Thank you for some encouragement!

I am trying this too.I have almpst every situation you have....I am usa dr the same way and have been trying the t3 for 4 weeks now. Am anxious to get anot her blood work up to see how it goes...... health unlocked is amazing and so are the people who help us!

Thanks for sharing!

Yea ive also lost weight but not too much.im 5'10" and 11.3 stone so still ok and i eating again..all similar to yourself...t3 is not a mind over matter thing it realy works..

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