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Cortisol test results -now I’m really confused!!!!

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So I have palpitations, get very anxious, weight gain, low mood, difficulty sleeping pain in my back & legs etc so decided I needed to do the cortisol test as I feel I’m running on adrenaline. They’ve come back totally normal! !!! I’m absolutely flabbergasted as I thought this definitely was the route cause of my anxiety! Totally lost now. Must just be my thyroid levels..... ? Need now to get my vitamin & mineral levels up to scratch as I think this must be what’s going on. Ugh! Any opinions?

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But they're not normal, far from it.

Sample 1, waking, should be at the top of the range.

Sample 2, noon, should be about 75% of range

Sample 3, mid afternoon, should be around 50% of range

Sample 4, bedtime, should be bottom of range.

Yours are

Sample 1 - 32% through range

Sample 2 - below range

Samples 3 and 4 - no idea other than low because they don't give an actual result.

Plus there's no DHEA result.

Check out what Dr Myhill has to say about adrenal test results here

Oh my I’m having a bad day! Will read try to digest and get back to you. Thank you

Read it and tried to take it in. Now I’m terrified! What do I do? Do you think I need to retest with DHEA? I need to get this addressed asap- no wonder I’m exhausted 😩

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Did you have doctor's comments with this test from Medichecks?

The trouble is with Medichecks and Blue Horizon adrenal tests, they don't do a graphic so you can't see if you follow the normal curve. And to be honest, a result showing <1.5 is pretty pointless, especially for the bedtime sample. If the result was, say, 1.4, then it would be too high for bedtime, but it could be right down at 0.1 and that would be too low, so it's a totally useless way of reporting a result.

Looking at Dr Myhill's article, numbers 5 and 6 seem appropriate for low cortisol.

It is very difficult when levels are this bad, I don't think it's an easy DIY fix.

What's your relationship with your GP like? I'd be inclined to take these results, blag my way through why I've had a private test done, say the results don't look good and can further investigations be carried out.

Either that or look for a private doctor who can help.

Also, look up the signs and symptoms of Addison's disease, see if any fit, list any for your GP appointment as it may encourage further investigations.

Hi yes I did get a doctors opinion. He said “ your salivary cortisol levels are normal through all time points making a disorder of your cortisol production unlikely.”

My doctor is a canny bugger to be honest & may dismiss or actually listen. I’m going to see him tomorrow as it happens.

Not sure I can quote Dr Myhill as I’m unsure of their relationship ( she used to be my GP and she and my doc started at the practice together). I will look up the symptoms - list and ask if he can help. Already decided to go to a private endocrinologist in Nottinghamshire ( recommend by someone on this forum) and was going to ask for a referral letter when I see dr tomorrow.

Feeling a little scared now as the more I read the more it point to Addison’s.

Thank you for your help, going to have a little cry now, then get my act together ( hubby coming with me tomorrow too).

L x

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Rennixon


I can't see how Sample 2 is "normal".

Sample 1 is within normal range, yes, but far too low for the time of day.

And as I said, Samples 3 and 4 have totally meaningless results.

It may not be that bad, which is why you need figures rather than <1.5

You don't need to mention Dr M. Just say something along the lines of you were a bit concerned at these results and thought I'd better come and discuss with you, type of thing.

Thank you, I’ve had a restorative cup of tea and made a list of symptoms- then looked at Addison’s symptoms and I match them all 😩 But I need this sorting so will blag my way through tomorrow & hopefully he’ll do something.

I’ll keep you updated. Now to get those details written down ready.

Thank you once more x

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