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noriday (progesterone birth control pill)


i was put on this at sexual health clinic after having my coil removed

6 days later went down really short of breath alonside a sore throat

seen prescribing nurse because i had a boil that needed seeing too and she said just to see how it goes

2 days later landed up in A/E short of breath, sent over to urgent care who said viral infection

tuesday went to see dr again (seen prescribing nurse again) who checked me over after bursting into tears and said everything seemed ok, booked for chest x ray so had that done tuesday too

this morning i googled noriday shortness of breath.....

came up with this

i know its an old article but her symptoms started within weeks

now im thinking the pill is the cause as was doing better at the time of starting it (ferritin up to 45 frrom 30 and breathing had got better) the only good thing from the pill was it stopped a bleed within a few days of starting it

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