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TPO antibodies and TSH both a little high, no diagnosis yet



Thanks for reading - I'm a newbie!

I've been having 6 monthly blood tests, results as follows:

TSH 5.5, 6.2, 4.7, 6.5

Free thyroxine 10.5, 11.4, 12.5, 13.5

So, my TSH has always been just over normal, but weirdly my free thyroxine seems to be improving. I've also had TPO checked this time which is 48.9 iu/ml which according to our lab is within limits (,60) but other labs seems to have <34 as upper limit.

I feel constantly tired, have inertia, memory/brain fog, heavy periods, weight gain and constipation. However, I'm definitely not cold and don't think I have hair thinning! I'm also 46 so wondering if this is actually peri-menopause as a differential diagnosis?

My GP is quite good, and 6 months ago offered to try levothyroxine but I chose to wait and repeat bloods inc TPO.

I'm a bit reluctant to start medication that could be lifelong if I don't need it, but I need to stop feeling so dreadful!

Wondering if any wise people have any thoughts!


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It is helpful if you could add the 'ranges' into your post. You can do this by clicking ont he down arrow next to More. The reason is that labs differ in their machines and so do the ranges. Ranges help members to respond to your question

The fact that your TSH has been above 5 and 6 and also have thyroid antibodies would suggest your thyroid gland is struggling and have the commonest thyroid hormone disease - called hashimotos. In other countries we'd be diagnosed if was abot 3+. If antibodies are present but thyroid levels o.k your thyroid gland is under attack by antibodies you should be prescribed instead of thyroid gland getting worse.

Any blood tests for thyroid hormones have to always be at the very earliest, fasting and if you were taking thyroid hormone replacements, you'd allow a 24 hour gap between last dose and the test and take afterwards.

I will give you a list of symptoms and next time ask for antibodies to be checked. If you do have antibodies it would be that you had an Autoimune Thyroid Disease, commonly called hashimoto's.

Ask GP to test B12,Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate next time. Your GP sounds good in offering you a prescription.

Also seems unlikely that a free T4 of10,5 is "normal", let alone optimal.

Thanks all - it's helpful to get some other opinions. I'll see if the gp will do those other blood tests too.

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