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Stopping statins and bp meds before blood tests?

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Hi. This may be a stupid question but I have to check. Doing a Blue Horizon + 11 test soon and have stopped taking my multivits, but will statins and bp meds (Felodopine a calcium channel blocker) influence the results? I can stop these 48 hours before doing the test if so.

I am so new to this and still quite ignorant so really appreciate advice. Thank you j.

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Just my opinion, and I have no medical training :

I think people can stop statins cold turkey without any problems. But I think you should continue taking your BP meds. Your BP could rocket unexpectedly, and it could be dangerous.

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jib70 in reply to humanbean

Thanks for replying. I just wanted to make sure I do everything I can to get exact results from the tests even though these are minor meds compared to others. Thanks again j

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