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My NDT experience / breakthrough and blood test query



So I started on thiroyd NDT on the 25th of May. For the first two weeks i took one grain and 50mcg levo.

Then I switched to two grains - one in the morning and one in the afternoon and stopped the levo entirely.

Around the beginning of June I had a terrible cold (probably unrelated) and then on the 13th of June I noticed i had very dry hands - this just lasted a few days.

On the 16th of June, due to signs of being under-medicated, I added 25mcg of levo back into the mix. Then on advice of people on here. i stopped that after a week and instead went up to 2.5 grains of NDT all in one go, in the morning.

The verdict - WOW! My head is clearer, my thinking sharper, my periods have gone back to be more like they were historically before my Total thyroidectomy (for papilliary thyroid cancer) 4 years ago. Since that operation, they have been *really* heavy and occurred every 25-27 days! Now they are back to 29 days and average flow!

But one of the most important changes for me i that I have got back the ability to have a lie-in!! I don't know why or what that was about, but for much of the last few years I have awoken, with a bit of a 'start', accompanied by a small wave of anxiety. This only really lasted about 10 or so seconds and I got used to it, but it always got me up and out of bed!

I have my first blood test this friday and I am really looking forward to what the results say!

Would I be right in thinking that I should not take my NDT dose that morning until after the blood test?

I have another question abotu the Thyroglobulin test but will post that separately as I've already waffled on enough! :)



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When taking NDT, you should leave 12 hours between your last dose and your blood draw.

I have been wondering about this. I take 2 grains in one dose, first thing in the morning. Should I split the dose the day before a blood test, and take half in the morning and half in the evening?

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I don't know as I don't take NDT. I take Levo plus T3 and normally take it all together early morning. Because last dose of Levo should be 24 hours before blood draw, and last dose of T3 12 hours before, on the day before a blood test I split my T3 dose and take half as usual with my Levo and the other half about 8.30pm.

You could put up a thread asking the people on NDT what they do.

Thank you SeasideSusie, I will do that.

wysewoman's reply is correct. I have been on NDT for twenty years and I split my NDT dose... 1/2 in am and 1/2 in late afternoon/early evening. When I am having labs done, I just skip that am dose. Get your appointment as early in the day as you can manage and don't take your NDT until after your appointment. I have skipped (accidentally) whole days' doses before and no harm done. I just get busy and totally forget sometimes.

Thank you for your reply phoenix23002. I take mine all in one go, as I think it would be too complicated for me to remember the second dose, which would also have to be timed (I believe) 2 hours after/1hour before any food.

There is some disagreement on this point but I just let my NDT dissolve in my mouth and to heck with worrying about food or no food. I think the most important thing is consistency... that is.... dosing the same way all the time. But you continue doing whatever you are comfortable with as long as you are getting good lab numbers. If it were me, if my appt was early in the morning, I would take the whole dose (as you do now) after appt is finished. If appt is afternoon or late afternoon, I would probably only take 1/2 of my daily dose (1/2 of your whole daily dose).

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