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liquid thyroxine?


i was on this a while ago and did well until endo demanded i went back on tablets

yesterday i asked dr if i could go back on it as TSH is over 8 and he agreed

i took prescription to pharmacy and said id be back in a few days as it had to be ordered

levothyroxine sodium 100 micrograms/5ml oral sugar free 300ml (thats on the script)

dr called me yesterday afternoon and said the chemist had called him and this need specially making up and will cost over £200 so hes put me back on tablets :(

ive had this before as have found an old package hid away in the back of a cupboard and this is not a made up solution

should i take box to chemist and show them the one i had or is it a case of cost?

annoyed now as was looking forward to feeling normal again

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I don't think cost should come into it. If you can't tolerate the tablets, you need what you need. It's not your fault and we pay enough in contributions for our Health Service so should expect to receive what we need, not be given something that makes us unwell.

Check out the pdf linked to by ThyroidUK which lists 5 oral solutions available (pages 5, 6 7)

Hi, I used to be on liquid Levothroxine because I have trouble swallowing tablets. Due to the cost the doctor told me I had to take the tablets. I told her the reason again why I had to have liquid and she found some I can crush in water. Its not ideal and I've pleaded my case several times only to be told whilst there is a solution to my problem that costs pence I won't be given the liquid back. It seems so unfair that we can't have the meds we want.

Yes put your foot down. The liquid is much better than the tablets I was on it for 10 months but then I developed side effects with that as well as the tablets, but it was good while I could take it. They will try and cut costs as much as they can, I did ask one Doctor I had if I could go on the liquid and was told bluntly that it was far too expensive and might not work anyway, thankfully a new Doctor started at the Surgery and he gave it to me. I don't believe this 'they have to make it up bit'. Now, unfortunately I am having to buy my own medication as I can't take any of the makes of Levothyroxin, but have found NDT that is classed as a supplement that works and doesn't cost the earth which is even better. I hope they listen to you.

Hi what medication are you taking as I cannot take tablets either???

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hi sorry for delay ive not been on for a while

im self medicating now NDT and T3

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