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Liquid (Eltroxim) Shortage

Went to pick up my months supply of liquid thyoxine to be told they only now can get hold of small bottles (25) as manufacturers can't get hold of large bottles (100). I now have to take 8 syringe fulls every morning instead of 2 and it kills my throat.

Chemist also said they don't know how much longer it will be before manufacturers completely run out as it not being produced here any more and it too pricey.

What going to happen to us people that don't absorb properly (which is why i am on liquid) as the tablets and there fillers make me very ill. Chemist said nothing they can do and to ask oncologist what there plan is? I asked him and he said it Chemists problem not his so i may be stuck after xmas no meds???? Has anyone else come across this problem yet?????

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There are currently two brands of liquid levothyroxine being marketed in the UK:

Teva Oral Solution and Eltroxin Oral Solution.

However, neither are manufactured in the UK. They both come from the same manufacturer in the Netherlands. The ingredients are exactly the same too, so it would seem that they are the same stuff but with a different name on the label.

If your pharmacist is having difficulty getting hold of one brand, then maybe they could try getting the other one for you. Or you could take your prescription to a different pharmacy and ask if they can obtain what you need.

Full details of both brands are on the main thyroid UK website. Click on the purple bar that says UK- Liquid Synthetic Levothyroxin

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Hi Dawn1, Can I copy your post to AmCo please? They need to be aware of what is being said. No need to use your name. Lyn

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Yes please do my pharmacist is being so unhelpful. I am disabled so going to other chemists to try and locate some is not on for me. He won't try and look for other suppliers as he is contracted only to Mercury and another one who also can't get it.


Thanks Dawn1, I'll contact them. In the meantime, have you seen our document which gives pharmacies where you can order by phone and send your script to them by post? Send me an email - - and I'll send it over to you.


Hi Dawn1, I've just received a very unhelpful response:

Dear Lyn,

Thank you for your email.

With regards to customers who have been taking Eltroxin, we have been advising them to contact our Medical Information department on 0208 588 9131 . They will also be advised to contact our Customer Service department on 0208 588 9441. I will discuss this with a colleague and I will be in touch.

For future correspondence please send all emails to:

Kind regards

Kim Adams.

I've just received an email regarding Eltroxin tablets from the MHRA. Think I will mention this to them too! :-)


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