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There's hope yet


Bit of a positive story for me today.

Ok so i posted earlier about having beaus lines in my nails and how I thought it was related to my Thyroid I also mentioned about getting bloods done in May and the stand in doctor telling me I was fine despite my TSH being 5.9 so I booked a last minute appointment with my regular doctor today who is now back from his holidays on the advice of members on this forum confirming my suspicions.

I went in and explained what happened and that I thought my TSH was very high plus I was feeling much worse than previous. He pulled up the results on the computer and was shocked to say the least. He's increased my dose of T4 straight away and said to leave the blood tests for another 6 weeks as it is evident from the last results in May that I should have had an increase back then.

I genuinely feel relieved as I have been feeling so bad recently and it has really affected my work and home life over the past few months. He was very sympathetic and listened to everything I had to complain about as he knows I only see him if I feel that something is really not right.

He was also very concerned about my iron levels and the iron saturation levels from the last blood test so he has suggested I take hormone therapy for 6 months to stop my periods completely as they can be continuous for weeks at a time and he is worried about iron levels dropping further.

Anyway thats me for the day I just thought I'd share my positive experience as I know so many people on here don't have great experiences getting proper treatment.

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glad you had positive GP experience

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