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Husband diagnosed with hyperthyroidism


Hi my 69 year old husband has just been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and put on carbimazole 20 mg and beta blockers and is having blood test in a month.

One symptom that I have noticed in the last couple of years which is not mentioned is a noticeable cognitive decline. I think that he has had the thyroid condition for several years but refused to go to the doctor until forced into it by me because of his weight loss!

Can anybody tell me if cognitive decline is also a symptom of an overactive thyroid or is this totally unrelated?

Many thanks.

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From a search

"Hyperthyroidism is when too much of the thyroid hormone is produced. Symptoms may include feeling jittery, unintended weight loss, and heart flutters.

Some people with hyperthyroidism (also called Graves disease) commonly exhibit poor concentration, slower reaction times, decreased spatial organization and decreased visual processing skills."

I would suggest looking at getting B12 tested. Check signs and symptoms of B12 deficiency here

many thanks for reply

I would suggest asking your GP for a number of other tests, as I was very overactive and on carbimazole but nobody suggested that the body is racing through vitamins and minerals at a faster than usual pace. I became anaemic but when I eventually asked for iron to be checked and I was found to be under the range, I was told this was just my particular level! So do check serum iron, ferritin and Vit D, B12 and folate just to be sure these are at good levels and not at the bottom or below the reference ranges.

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thanks for the information

Not cognitive decline, but there were definitely occasions when my brain seemed to put my thoughts together more quickly than my mouth could actually articulate them. I was convinced I must sound like a complete numpty.

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Spot on Valarian many a time my mouth and brain don't work at the same pace 😂

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