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High and low


Hi there. Has any one ever had this issue. If recently been so exsorsted to the point I can function out of breath and pains in left side of chest I popped to see the gp.

I explained my issues and just had a feeling he was going to say what they all say !It's firbro . If been diagnose with fibromyalgia from being 18. 20 yrs

He did had I thought and before I decided to take the same advice .. i asked for a blood test for my thyroyd also .

I'm underactive have been for same amount of years has fibro.

He agreed to do this

I had the results from my pharmacy. I went to get my regular scripts.and i was given folic acid I was confused .

4 days later I had a letter stating I need to repeat my bloods in 7 days

Well not being able to get to see my gp for another 3 weeks

I went to get my bloods redone and asked the nurse why I got folic acid.she said my folate levels or low .

I asked if that's why I'm having a repeat bloods.

She said it for the high levels of calcium in my blood.i said ok what's causing this she said I can't say I have not training you will after see your gp.

I sill feel so bad and shrugging to function having to go home from work die to bad fatigue feeling sick .

I'm defanly not pregnant by the way lol so

I'm looking to find out what could be causing this issus. Thinkn you all x

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Hi charmed, have you ever had your kidneys tested? Pretty sure that high calcium can indicate kidney issues, and kidneys/thyroid function are linked via T3. Also, from the little bit i’ve read it is common to retest if calcium is high because it can be due to being dehydrated on the day the bloods were taken.

I just did a quick google there (dangerous, I know!) and if you’ve high calcium but you’re hypothyroid, there’s a possibility that you are hyperPARAthyroid! Who knew? One of the pages I saw about hypothyroid/parathyroid was here at HealthUnlocked. I’ll try and link you to it in a mo. In the meantime, these are the symptoms of being hyperPARAthyroid... Does this seem like you?

Fragile bones that easily fracture (osteoporosis)

Kidney stones

Excessive urination

Abdominal pain

Tiring easily or weakness

Depression or forgetfulness

Bone and joint pain

Frequent complaints of illness with no apparent cause

Nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite

Worth asking your doc to look into this if he/she doesn’t mention it when you meet them next. All this thyroid crap is annoying, but at least if you can identify the problem you can work towards the solution. I wouldn’t worry too much until you’ve seen your doc.

Hope it works out well for you! X

Thank you so much I will go read your link. Lots of love x

Here’s the link I mentioned just now...


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