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Can you have both hypothyroidism & parathyroidism?


Been having LOADS of bloods done and being referred to a liver specialist this coming Friday with suspected Primary biliary cirrhosis..but another option that comes up with parathyroidism..:


Kappa & Lambda light chains

Protein electriphoresis

Alkaline phosphate


Calcium in range 

Very confused..any help would be appreciated..thanks guys .

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Yes you can have hypothyroidism and hyperparathyroidism, I had both as do a lot on our parathyroid forum.  You need calcium and parathyroid tests done at the same time, with primary hyperparathyroidism your calcium and PTH will be high,  what makes you think you have it ? A normal calcium test doesn't point to parathyroid disease, you would need a high PTH to indicate a problem.

Fed up with all the bloods (so started to Google...I know I shouldn't)Dr stated that bloods pointed to biliary cirrhosis ...I came up with the same but it also gave a couple more reason s for said blood results..myeloma.(which as been cleared for with bloods).and overactive was just thinking out loud..***

Apart from calcium the tests you had above are not used in diagnosing  parathyroid disease so unless you have abnormal calcium and parathyroid it shouldn't be a concern.

Thanks bantam12..wish the websites would  give simple answers lol 

Hi Thyroidfighter,

I was diagnosed with PBC 6 years ago and this year with hypothyroidism.  I haven't heard of parathyroidism.  However, I believe it is common for these and other autoimmune diseases to overlap.  I do not see my liver consultant until the end of this year so I would be interested to know if your doctor gives you any specific advice relating to these two conditions. For example, if it is okay to take all the tablets at once.

Best wishes and Good luck


Will do Mayflower..

I'm ratterling with all my meds & other conditions(gout..arthritis..polycystic ovary s..asthma..acid reflux..hiatus hernia..then my hypothyroidism & this suspected PBC too..all fun lol )..hit 40 & everything fell apart 😅😅😅😅

Sounds like you need to start at bottom to see why all this is happening. The gut is a great place to start. Find a naturopathic nutritionist in your area (a trained one with diploma not two day course).  I believe it is Genova who do a good stool test.  You could be low in stomach acid which causes same symptoms as high. For now, you could try a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (with mother) in half pint of water every day. I hear this is good for all sorts of things.   

Ask your Dr for testing into B12,folate and ferritin  

Just my thoughts  

Thanks bluedragon

Been looking Apple cider vinegar in UK..but not found any of yet as I've heard of this before ..B12 before Christmas 15 was low but was retested and all in range in Feb 16...ferritin low..and iv cut down my acid meds and seen a slight difference..2 wks ago had ph 24 monitor test done ..waiting on results from that..might ask for the stool testing when I go for those results while I'm there..always open to making quality of life better.

Thanks again**

I'm in UK, found the acv at local health shop- Daily Bread. Should be easy to find- or even resort to Amazon  

What were the actual results and ranges? Drs know as little about B12 as they do thyroid! Get results and post. 😀

Will look in our local Holland and barrack nxt time I'm in the time of my B12 being very below range I was having all sort of symptom s. ..a stroke being one..a month later I just got told it doesn't need action ing as all in range..must get results and ranges ..drs /hospital s very reluctant giving out results without a letter of request before for each one.  Red tape I quess lol and yes . Not to many quakes out there know thyroid total u either..I quess having thyroid conditions and knowing our own bodies we know more than we are mentering to be experiencing at different stages **

Sorry about the grammar !!

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