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Have I got Hashimoto's or not?


I would really appreciate your wisdom and views on this quandary.

From the tests I have been given, the "experts" say that I do not. TSH / free T4 / TPO & TG antibodies, serum Ferratin are all within "normal range". However, despite requests I have not been tested for : free T3 or reverse T3.

But, my symptoms suggest I might: fatigue, cold hands and feet, over weight, brain fog at times, dry eyes; however no hair loss or constipation.

I have an enlarged thyroid with a 5cm growth on left side which I have been told is not cancerous, but will need a hemithyoidectomy.

Your comments will be much appreciated - thank you.

In addition, my Total White Blood Cell Count 3.4 is below the normal range of 4-11.

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Can you add your most recent blood test results and ranges, including vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 if had them done

gerard33 in reply to SlowDragon

Good question - those specific tests were not done, apart from serum ferratin 183 (a year ago) which seemed within the range of 22-275.

Thanks SlowDragon: Which other blood results would you like me to look for and report on?

As part of Isabel Wentz' Hashimoto's Protocol, which I completed 5 weeks ago, I have been taking Vitamin D and B12 supplements (as well as the other supplements recommended in her programme). I have felt a bit better since completing the Protocol, and am going through it a second time to see if that helps more.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to gerard33

For full Thyroid evaluation you need TSH, FT4, TT4, FT3 plus TPO and TG thyroid antibodies. Plus very important to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Private tests are available. Thousands on here forced to do this as NHS often refuses to test FT3 or antibodies


Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin or Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven are the most popular choice. DIY finger prick test or option to pay extra for private blood draw. Both companies often have money off offers.

All thyroid tests should ideally be done as early as possible in morning and fasting. This gives highest TSH, lowest FT4 and most consistent results. (Patient to patient tip, GP will be unaware)

Difficult to tell if you have Hashi's without seeing your blood test results - particularly the antibodies. None of the other tests will tell you - certainly not rT3, which is not a very helpful test, at all. And your Total White Blood Cell Count won't tell us, either. We need to see the antibody test results. And, despite several people asking you, on your last post, you never did put them anywhere. :)

gerard33 in reply to greygoose

I appreciate that some key results are missing - despite me clearly asking (and believing) both the GP and nurse that those key tests would be undertaken. I guess it is normal (but unhelpful) that the NHS do not do these tests routinely.

Results from Oct 2017 / March 2018 / April 2018:

TSH: 0.4 / 0.3 / 0.4

Free T4: 14 / 15 / 13

TPO ab: 33 iu /ml (March 2018)

TGO ab: merely stated as "normal" (March 2018)

Serum ferritin: 183 microgram per litre (Oct 2017)

Views please? Thank you.

gerard33 in reply to gerard33

Just found two more results from May 2017:

Vit B12: 488 nanograms per litre (189-833)

Serum folate: 10.1 ug/L (4.8-19.0)

greygoose in reply to gerard33

What's the range for the TPO result? In fact, what are the results for all of them? Can't give any opinions without the ranges.

Your B12 would be better over 500, but your folate is fine. :)

gerard33 in reply to greygoose

The ranges are the standard NHS ranges.

TPO ab: stated range is Normal <60IU / ml / Equivocal 60-100 / Positive > 100

TG ab: see above comment. There was no numerical result, just the words "normal"!. There is an interesting note on my NHS blood tests that states "change in method for thyroglobulin antibodies. Reference range and units have changed from those previously listed".

FreeT4: range 9-19 pmol/L

Serum ferritin: range 22-275 micrograms/L

TSH: NHS range is 0.4 - 5.0. The US range which seems narrower and more helpful i.e. 0.3 - 3.0 microIU / ml

greygoose in reply to gerard33

No, there's no such thing as an NHS range. Ranges vary from lab to lab according to the machine they use to do the analysis. That's why we always ask for the ranges.

So, your TSH and FT4 are euthyroid. And your ferritin is good.

Your TPO antibodies are negative, but that doesn't mean you don't have Hashi's for two reasons. 1) antibodies fluctuate, so just one negative result cannot rule it out, you would need at least three tests, but even 3 negatives of both types of antibody still can't rule it out completely because 2) not all Hashi's people develop high antibodies. The antibodies are not the disease, they are the results of the disease. Sometimes. :)

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